4 Essentials For Proper Strike Points in Block Destruction

Jul 20, 2020 | Defense, Block Destruction, Fundamentals

By Dan Owen
Former Defensive Coordinator/Special Teams Coordinator
Keiser University (FL)
Twitter: @Coachowen561


Your hands are your weapons in football, and you must be willing to use them. When we talk about using your hands here at Keiser, we call it “Striking” and everyone in our program must know how to strike.  Player safety is the number one goal for all of us and that is why we have adopted this block destruction technique. “Head to Head” or “Face to Face” collisions can have as much as an impact on your head as a tackle.  These old habits of banging facemask to facemask are engraved in young player’s minds just like tackling with the head is. We do understand that is not always possible to keep your head out of certain tackles or blocks, but here at Keiser we put maximum effort into breaking old habits.

Diagram 1


Just a humorous way of communicating to use your hands. We say would you rather have an ugly face and not remember anything or just some ugly fingers.