15 In-Season Block Destruction Drills by Position

Oct 6, 2019 | Defense, Block Destruction, Fundamentals

By Mike Kuchar
Senior Research Manager
X&O Labs
Twitter: @MikekKuchar



westfieldIt would be impractical to teach how to get off blocks without first teaching the proper hand placement in order to do so. Many of the following drills emphasize the actual placement of hands as well as how to defend against types of blocks.

Defensive Line Block Destruction

We categorized the defensive line component of block destruction by presenting both run and pass. The focus of these drills is to teach defensive linemen how to defend against one-on-one run blocks (base, down and reach blocks) as well as pass blocks.

Drill 1: 5 Dot Drill, Thurmond Moore, former NFL Defensive Line Coach

Reinforcement: Teaches proper vertical and lateral hand placement of defensive linemen as well as the quickness of punch.


To see video of the 5 Dot Drill, click on the video below:

Editor’s Note: The following videos by Thurmond Moore are contributed thanks in part by FootballUniversity.org.