Chattanooga’s 4-2-5 Fits vs. Y-Off Run Game

Jan 28, 2017 | Front, Even Front Structures, Defending Run Game, Defense, Position Groups, Linebackers

By Mike Kuchar
Senior Research Manager
X&O Labs
Twitter: @MikekKuchar


The following research was conducted as part of special report on “4-2-5 Linebacker Play.” Continue reading for more information on this special report.

Y-Off Formation:

When defending the Y-off formation, the Mocs will set the 3-technique to the Y. Coach Wright tells his linebackers to eye the near back once the get that Y motion. “He will tell us everything we need to know,” Coach Wright says. Anytime we get any motion across if he widens (like stretch), we will be wider. If he’s downhill (like Power Read), our guys fit it tight. The Mocs get a steady dose of Power Read from this set so once that play side defensive end knows he’s getting a lot of arc release from that Y, he will key the knee to inside hip of the tackle. “Our defensive end is taught to hard joint it and knock the heck out of that trapper, whether it is the Y or he will get inside the pulling guard. He won’t make tackles on the perimeter anyway. The defensive end fits outside the guard, the Sam fits inside the guard and the Mike is over the top (Diagram 51). The Sam is clued in on the scheme because the back is wide and not tight. He knows that the guard is trying to come off and pin him. We tell him to try and win up and under instead of over the top because of the space. The double teams shoulders are tight so we tell him to stick his foot in the ground that way and come up underneath it. If he starts running over the top, then you have a cavity. That defensive end doesn’t always get it tightened down and it causes a crease. Our DE will run to him with his inside shoulder and try to knock him down to go meet it quick knowing the Mike is over it. Those two must see that its Power. We tell our players, ‘if it looks like Power and it smells like Power, it’s Power to us. That is all that matters to use, because that’s what they will go back to.”