Press Quarters Coverage

Mar 2, 2019 | Defense, Coverage, Two High Coverage Structures



By Andrew Strobel

Defensive Coordinator

Culver-Stockton College


This year we implemented press quarters and had huge success improving our pass defense. Here are a few statistics that we improved on.

Playing press quarters this past season help us have the most successful pass defense Culver has had in over 10 years

IMG 80992012 - 143.8 Yards passing per game 2011= 203 ypg

2012 - 12 INT’s   2011= 9 INT's

2012 - 1,582 yards total passing/ 2011= 2,233yds

Improved Pass Defense Efficiency by 22 points

Why Press Quarters?

  1. Disguise Coverage
  2. Give Safeties more time to read run/pass and help in the run game
  3. Press makes the WR’s uncomfortable
  4. Takes away 3-step timing

In our press quarters our alignments are dictated off of formation and the number of receiving threats. We don’t count TE’s as a receiving threat unless he is their best player. Most of the TE’s we see are big slow blocking tight ends. So, if there is one threat the corners will play inside aligned and funnel the WR to the side line. This allows the safeties to get a better run/pass read. The safeties technique is called walk-out and they literally walk back slowly reading the EMLOS. If the safety gets run his way he will fit outside. Huge coaching point is not going passed the LOS, because it will widen the running lanes. If the run is away, safety will give ground to gain ground. He will open up at a 45 degree angle and track the backside hip of the ball carrier then run the alley. This helps eliminate bad angles.