Double Cloud Coverage Drill Work from 3-High Alignments

May 7, 2021 | Three High Coverage Structures, Defense, Coverage

By Marty Gibbons
Head Coach & Defensive Coordinator
Lake Catholic High School (OH)
Twitter: @Marty_Gibbons



Do you find yourself spending a lot of time teaching man and zone match concepts to your players? Are you struggling to find a complement where your players can play fast without thinking and not worry about matching up with your opponent? Would you like to create more takeaways in passing situations and get your players excited about defending the pass? Vision and break coverage may be the tool that can answer these questions for you and your players.


Vision and Break Coverage System

At Lake Catholic High School our defense deploys vision and break coverage within our 4-under 3=deep coverages in a call system. Our base coverage is to play zone or man match, so we feel it is important to have true zone elements within our defense to create takeaways and give our players the ability to play instinctively off the quarterback.

We will play this style of coverage out of sky support with one safety deep and two corners deep.


We will also play with cloud support and backer support with two safeties deep and one corner deep.


In this report I am going to focus on playing with double cloud support. In this structure we play a Tampa 2 based coverage, which is still 4 under 3 deep.

Our Corners are cloud flat defenders.

Our Apex Defenders are hook defenders.

Our Safeties are Deep 1/3 defenders.

Our Dime plays a low hole technique.

Middle of Field (MOF) Alignment Rules:


Corners: 1x5 Inside #1 Receiver. (Depth can change based on situation)

Apex Defenders: On or slightly inside hashes. (Depth varies based on situation)

Safeties: 4 Yds Outside Hash 12-15 Yards Deep.

Dime: 8-10 Yards Deep on Goalpost.

ILB: 4th Rusher. Spotlight technique means they will hug rush the QB after clearing screen.


Hash Alignment Rules: