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By Rich Holzer, Head Football Coach, Mount Saint Joseph High School (MD)

Use this concept to counteract teams who try to play 1-high to stop the RPO or 2-high man to negate your vertical pass game.

By Rich Holzer
Head Football Coach
Mount Saint Joseph High School (MD)
Twitter: @CoachRichHolzer



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Here at Mount Saint Joseph HS, we as a staff adapt our version of the Gael Attack to what our personnel dictates every year. However, one of our newer concepts just installed this year, developed off a similar concept developed after much film study of the University of Hawaii's offense during the off-season. We have seen a large uptick in the number of man coverages to combat our RPO game or not allow us to threaten defenses vertically. We were looking for answers and found what we refer to as our “Rub” concept. We use this concept to counteract those teams who try to play us in 1 high to stop the RPO or 2 high man to negate our vertical pass game.


The “Rub” concept is a very inexpensive way to threaten a defense with the RPO and has answers for both zone and man coverage. Our preference is to run it out of 3x1, but we can run it from 2x2 as well. From 3x1 we place the single WR on a "Gift" and the "Rub" to the field. Out of 2x2, we place the "Rub" on one side with a quick game concept to the other.

Out of 3x1, we place the single WR on what many refer to as the "Gift" throw. He runs a 6yd Hitch by default but can convert to a Fade, Quick Out or Slant based on CB depth and LB leverage pre-snap. We do not post-snap adjust the "Gift" unless we are running the Fade and the CB press bails. In this case, we look for the back-shoulder throw.

To the 3-receiver side, we are running our "Rub" concept. The assignments are as follows:



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This has been a great concept for us and one that we will continue to develop. It has given us an answer for man coverage in the RPO game. It also gives us an opportunity for an explosive throw as well. As defense adjusts to take away what we do we must be flexible and adapt to counter punch.



Meet Coach Rich Holzer: Rich Holzer finished his fifth season as head coach at Mount Saint Joseph HS in Baltimore this fall leading the Gaels to the first MIAA "A" Conference Championship since 1949. Coach Holzer was named VSN Maryland Coach of the Year, for the second time and Press Box Media Boys Sports Coach for the Year for 1029. At Meade HS (MD) his teams won back to back region titles in 2012 and 2013. From 2008-2010, he was the head coach at Parksdale HS and has also coached at Hofstra University.





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