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By Rob Everett, Defensive Coordinator, Bridgewater College (VA)

A consistent game planning process is the foundation of a successful practice week and leads to achievement on game day.

By Rob Everett
Defensive Coordinator
Bridgewater College (VA)
Twitter: @NineintheBox


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A consistent game planning process is the foundation of a successful practice week and leads to achievement on game day. Each part of the week, on and off the field, should be familiar for the players and coaches in order to reduce anxiety of the unknown, which allows all involved to focus on the opponent.

Using the free simulation GoArmy Edge technology, coaches are able to interact with each other and their teams in a controllable and accessible environment. Game plan installations and assessment of understanding is now taken to the players on their own time and in their own space. This allows instruction to occur at the frequency, pace, and setting each individual player needs.

In this report, we will outline how the GoArmy Edge football simulation program will streamline your coaches game plan process and enhance your teams understanding and accountability. We now have the ability to recreate the practice field in detail from the jerseys your team wears, to the view your players see. 


Part 1: Organization of Installations and Scouting Reports

Installation efficiency and clarity is required for the players to reach their full potential on the field. Most of the players do not see the backs of their teachers writing on a chalkboard in their classrooms, so the football classroom should emulate that experience. At Bridgewater College, we use the flipped coaching model of instruction to give the players the information they need in advance, in order to maximize the face to face time we get in meeting rooms and the practice field.

Using the GoArmy Edge technology, our scout reports and installations are sent out in advance containing the important tendency numbers of our opponent, as well as how we will align and move based on these numbers. What makes this vehicle unique to the traditional paper report and diagrams, is the players have the ability to interact with the plays, from the view from their own helmet. Defensively, we talk about fitting properly with the players in front, beside, and behind the players, and this tool allows them to see it first person. In addition, they are able to see it as many times as they need to. Think about how many times you have a player who has all the ability but could never grasp the game plan. Maybe they needed a different form or frequency of instruction. Using simulation and flipped coaching, these players have the tools to absorb the knowledge on their own time. 

The exact content of each installation varies on the opponent, but each contains at least:

  • Alignment of fronts based on formation (including backfield set and field zone)
  • Full fits of top plays (frequency and production)
  • Synthesized recap of important numbers and tendencies


Part 2: Extra Drill Work for Players

Every football coach in America wants more time with their players on the field. We are limited by weather, field space, time guidelines, as well as a host of unforeseen issues that always arise. In addition, we are limited by our rosters; too few to get a scout look or too many to get reps for the entire team. GoArmy Edge allows coaches to recreate the drills run in practice that can be accessed by players throughout the work week to get the practice they need.

Each week, our coaching staff creates 1-2 virtual drills that the players can interact with as many times as they need to in order to become faster with recognition and reaction. These simulations represent things that an offense does frequently, like route recognition for the secondary or triangle reads for the box players. In addition, the virtual drills can give the players extra views on things that happen infrequently, but are very productive for an opponent.


The unit as a whole gets tested as well. Formation recognition is the most important aspect of any defensive game plan, but is also the most difficult to replicate because of the need for quality personnel; coaches and players. Through simulation however, we create fast formation quizzes that can reproduce the timing of a no huddle tempo team, or the complexity of a personnel and multiple formation driven offense. By putting the team in these environments, you can become more complex with your checks and formation based coverages and pressures because the players have seen more than they ever could on the practice field.



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Using the GoArmy Edge app not only cuts down teaching time, but cultivates player involvement by using simple and free technology. For more information on this technology, click here: https://www.goarmyedge.com




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