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By Coach William Lund, Special Teams Coordinator and Linebackers Coach, Saginaw Valley State University

See how Saginaw Valley State rebuilt their Kickoff Team under the instruction of Coach Lund using these 4 simple drills. Read the report.


By Coach William Lund
Special Teams Coordinator and Linebackers Coach
Saginaw Valley State University
Twitter: @lundsanity51

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I arrived at Saginaw Valley State in the spring of 2016 with the goal of making our Special Teams unit one of the best in the country. A big part of reaching that goal was to turn around the kickoff coverage unit. Thanks to great players and the drills used in this report, we improved our kickoff rankings 80 spots during the 2016 season for NCAA Division 2 football programs. The key was developing an efficient way of balancing the skills and techniques needed, while still maintaining the ability to run the opponent’s schemes for the upcoming week within a tight time frame.

These drills are done pre-practice in a five-minute time frame. It is a teach tempo, but we try to work around ¾ speed. We utilize these drills as a prep for the day's practice where the Kickoff team will be the focus.

Each of these drills can also be applied and used to develop your team’s Kickoff Return unit by merely changing the emphasis to blocking. The “Flyzone Drill” and “Cardinal Drill” can be used as competitive drills between units to create a more intense work atmosphere.

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  • Coaching points and film of the Speed and Backdoor Drill, which is used to defeat blocks in space.
  • Coaching points and film of the Fly Zone Drill, which is used to teach coverage players to isolate defeating blocks at a speed that is safer than using full kickoff pace.
  • Coaching points and film of the Fold Drill, which is used to teach the proper leverage for contain players and fill safeties.
  • Coaching points and film of the Cardinal Drill, which works the “punch and press” technique to disengage from blockers while leveraging the returner.

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These drills were part of our great improvement on KO in 2016. We improved our kickoff unit ranking from 125th in the country (D2 NCAA) in 2015, to 45th in 2016. With that, we had 10 touchbacks and our opponents averaged only 18.8 yards per return. Thank you for taking the time to read my report, should you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time at @lundsanity51. Play fast, play hard, always finish!

Meet Coach William Lund: Coach Lund is currently the Special Teams Coordinator/Linebackers Coach for the Saginaw Valley State Cardinals. Coach Lund is a 20-year veteran who previously worked at Hope College, where he served as the team's Special Teams Coordinator and Linebackers Coach.

Prior to his time at Hope, Lund served as the Defensive Coordinator at North Park University, Carleton College, and St. Norbert College. He also spent time as the Defensive Line Coach at Columbia University, Defensive Ends Coach at the University at Buffalo, and the Special Teams Coordinator and Linebackers Coach at Colby College.



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