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Matt Drinkall, Head Coach, Kansas Wesleyan University (KS)

A sprint out package facilitates the offense in a number of different ways: it holds up against pressure, it’s useful in any field zone and it changes the launch point of the QB just to name a few. Last season, Kansas Wesleyan University completed their sprint-out package at a 69% rate for 527 yards and 7 touchdowns. Coyotes head coach Matt Drinkall details both his “outside” concept and his “inside” concept, which averaged 8.9 yards and 8.6 yards per play respectively. It will be part of his practice one install this spring. Read the report...


Matt Drinkall
Head Coach
Kansas Wesleyan University (KS)
Twitter: @DrinkallKWU


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Every offense is looking for a package that serves a wide variety of purposes. Any play series that provides multiple resources for your offense is a package worth looking in to. Sprint out passing is an extremely valuable component to offensive production. This report will detail the value of carrying a sprint out series, our base sprint-out concepts, variations, and complimentary plays.


Why Sprint Out?

Our sprint out package is one of the most critical components to our offense. The reason I have chosen this package to detail in this clinic report is because I believe any offense can incorporate this series into an already-existing system and benefit from it. Our sprint out package facilitates an offense in a number of different ways:

  • Multiple personnel groups
  • Multiple formations
  • Easy to shift & motion to
  • Flexible to personnel
  • Fits any down & distance
  • Useful in any field zone
  • Excellent against pressure
  • Changes launch point of QB by moving the pocket
  • Excellent against zone or man coverage
  • Efficient form of passing
  • Outstanding in the Red Zone


Base Sprint Out Package 

Our sprint out series is a “Practice #1” install and it is carried throughout the season. We carry this in every game we play.  Our base sprint out package has a couple of staples that never change.

Our base sprint out series is a two-play series that are both “Smash” concepts. We define “Smash” as one route is occupying the flat and the other route is running a corner route. We differentiate the two concepts by defining who is occupying the flat. This is communicated by the name of the play. Essentially, we are telling the “Outside” or “Inside” receiver on the call-side which needs to end up in the flat. If you are the receiver not working to the flat, you must run the corner route.


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  • Details of his “outside” sprint out concept, including route designation and quarterback read progression.
  • Details of his “inside” sprint-out concept, including rout designation and quarterback read progression.
  • The two common variations Coach Drinkall will use against defenses that overplay these base concepts.
  • How Coach Drinkall adjusts his protection against field side pressure.
  • Plus game film on all these concepts.


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These sprint-out concepts are low-maintenance, and efficient ways to move the ball down the field. These concepts are all-purpose and easily adjustable to any personnel, formation, and situation. Included are excellent complimentary plays that give these concepts the variation needed to keep defenses honest while adding to the effectiveness of the base plays. It is my hope that you found some component of this information useful or thought provoking. I would like to thank XO Labs for the opportunity to contribute to their mission. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Meet Coach Drinkall: Coach Matt Drinkall just completed his third season as the Head Coach at Kansas Wesleyan University. He has guided the Coyotes to the two most successful seasons in school history (2015 & 2016), going 19-3 over the last two regular seasons. Prior to being named the Head Coach at KWU, he served as the Offensive Coordinator at St. Ambrose University.



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