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seminoleBy James Vint, Offensive Coordinator, Seminole High School (TX)

Discover how the "Rodeo Circuit” can prepare your players for each phase of KO coverage with its fast paced tackling drill, gauntlet drill, and angle or pursuit drill.


By James Vint

Offensive Coordinator

Seminole High School (TX)


3 Drill Kickoff Circuit

The following set of drills is set up with 3 quick stations that Vint calls the “Rodeo Circuit” and includes a tackling drill, gauntlet drill, and angle or pursuit drill.  These drills are used every day during 2 a days and then less frequently once the season begins.  Note that these are three of over 50 Drill Circuits that are in our complete Special Teams Drill Special Report.  To view the rest, click here.

Drill #1:  Shimmy Tackle

This simple drill focuses on a full body open field tackling technique that can be applied in multiple special teams situations as well as defense. 

Concept / Coaching Points:  This is a simple 1 on 1 tackling drill using stationary ball carriers.  Stress shimmying into position, bending at the knees not the waist, punching arms upward through the ball carriers armpits, and running their legs through the tackle.


Drill #2:  Long Gauntlet Drill

This drill is a version of the gauntlet drill that we encountered frequently during our research.  It focuses on working the speed rip to both sides and properly addressing a double team.

Concept / Coaching Points:  This drill is set up with 2 players holding shields 10 yards apart.  Players are to use a speed rip as the address both shields.  After executing the rip, the player should stack the shield and address the second shield with the opposite arm.  Next the player will dip, rip, and get skinny to split a double team before finally finding the ball and taking a correct angle to make a tackle.  The short gauntlet shown incorporates the 2 gap technique.


Drill #3:  Cut and Fold Drill

The Cut and Fold drill shown below takes a more complete team approach to repping proper spacing and swarming to the football.  This is similar to the 1-3 fit drill but expanded to 11 players.

Concept / Coaching Points:  11 players are spread out in their lanes 15 yards from the ball.  As the ball carrier runs one way the front side of the coverage works to cut off the football while the backside folds into lanes without trailing each other.  Players are taught to keep the ball inside and in front of them at all times and to “Never run past the ball.”


To see video of all of Cornado High School’s Kickoff circuit, click on the link below:


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