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NortonBy Will Compton, Head Coach, Rudder High School (TX)

"Throwing uncovered", in many ways, is one of the most simple run / pass option plays that you can install in your offense.  Click here to see how Coach Compton has turned his uncovered rules into thousands of free yards in the Texas High School ranks.


By Will Compton 
Head Coach
Rudder High School (TX)
Twitter: @CoachWCompton

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NortonYou look down at your call sheet and look for the perfect run play for 3rd and 3. You talk through the headphones and signal the play in to the QB. He walks to the line and the first thing he does is see if he can throw it. This is the basic process in all of our run game that doesn’t involve a jet motion. Using the philosophy of throwing uncovered in your game is a great way to add an option aspect to your offense. It is an easy way to help you call your run game because your QB will make your call a great play.

Throwing Uncovered

We use the idea of “uncovered” on all of our inside run plays. When the Defense begins to play heavy on the run and crowd the LBs close to the box it creates an uncovered skill player. When walking to the line we ask our QB on all run plays to look at the OSLBs. If they are playing tight to the box then he has the green light to throw uncovered. We teach our WR to identify which of them is uncovered based on the Defense. The WR will talk to each other and check on and off the ball based on who is covered or uncovered. This lets the QB know if he wants to throw the ball which WR will be running the fast screen. They do not have to understand coverages. They only need to understand grass. If the Defense is playing loose coverage across the board. The #2 WR will always run the fast. It is an easier and quicker throw for the QB.


Why would you throw uncovered on run plays?

  1. Spread the ball around to all your athletes on the field.
  2. Make the Defense accountable for every Offensive skill position.
  3. It helps in making your play call the right one.

In today’s game players want to be involved in the game on every play. They want to feel that they are contributing to the Offensive success by doing more than just blocking. We use “uncovered” as a way to include them in our run game. Our WR do a great job of understanding grass. We spend time at the beginning of the season explaining to them that every called run play is still a possibility for them to catch the ball. This helps in keeping the WR committed to the run game. It also makes the Defense account for every skill player on the field. If they are going to play loose cover 4 and have 7 players tight to the box, you have to make them pay. If thrown several times a half the LBs will start to get out of the box a little more and more so that they can stop the fast screen. This gives you the numbers game that you want.


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By using the idea of uncovered you will be able to spread the ball around to your players with high percentage passes. It will also allow your QB to help put the team in the best situation possible on all called run plays. We like it because it makes the defense play us honest or they will get hit for big plays trying to play a guessing game. 

Meet Coach Compton:  Coach Compton was recently hired as the Head Coach of Rudder High School in Bryan, TX. I am married with 2 children. In 2013, while at Conroe Oak Ridge, he served as offensive coordinator on a staff that was able to take a 2-18 team to a 7-4 record and finished the year as a Top 15 rush offense in the state. In 2008 while at Mabank we were able to have a top 10 Offense in the DFW area averaging right at 427 YPG. In 2011, Coach Compton’s offense finished in the top 5 in the state as we averaging 487 YPG and 43PPG on the way to an 11-4 record. His QB, Greg Ward, led the state in QB accuracy as well as total offense.  




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