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Goldie Stance 2

By Desmar Black

This article was the most popular defensive drill article of the past year.  In it, Coach Black has outlined a great set of drills to help your corners prepare for both press and shuffle techniques off the line.

By Desmar Black

Co-Defensive Coordinator

Spring Westfield High School (TX)

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Coach BlackEditor’s Note:  As teams transition into summer practices and  7 on 7, it is often a time to get back to the fundamentals.  This is easier said than done for positions on the line of scrimmage, but it is a perfect situation for defensive backs to refine their coverage techniques as the absence of pads (in most of the country) has little effect on drilling their technique.  Desmar Black, DC at Spring Westfield HS in Texas, has put together a nice set of concepts and drills for X&O Labs readers that should help you better work your defensive backs in both their press and shuffle stances.    



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