“All In” Wide Receiver: Towel Drill

Jan 18, 2012 | Pass Game Mechanics, Position Groups, Wide Receivers

The towel drill is used on a daily basis to rep or blocking fundamentals in a competitive and aggressive drill.  Players are forced to show their attention to detail and willingness to fight for position.

Drill Set-up:

  1. Players are put in groups of three with one player being the defender, one being the receiver, and the third being the towel thrower.

  2. The groups should line up between the goalline and five yard line with the wide receiver going into the end zone and the defender coming out.

  3. The towel thrower will be behind the other two players with a piece of cloth to toss on the ground acting as a ball carries

Drill Execution:

  1. The receiver makes contact with the defender (different version each day) and fights to keep him from getting to the "towel."

  2. The defender’s job is to get rid of the blocker and get to the towel.

  3. The blocker rotates from defender to receiver to towel thrower.

Drill Coaching Points:

  1. Drive feet with short choppy steps.

  2. Stay balanced.

  3. Don’t get over extended.  Keep head behind toes.

  4. Keep your hips below his.

  5. Use his movement against him.

  6. Fight for contact through the whistle.

  7. Elbows in and thumbs up.

  8. Get your belly to his belly.

Drill Variations:

  1. Engaged – Receiver starts already engaged in the perfect blocking position with his feet chopping.  Goes on defender’s movement.

  2. Three yards out – Start with feet chopping and hips low three yards from the defender.  Go on his movement.

  3. From a stance – Receiver comes out of a stance and reacts to the defender in a "live" situation.  Option release used primarily.

Check back for the 1 on 1 drill and the Slant/Stalk Drill.