Multiple Pre-Snap Pass Tags off Top Runs

Jun 6, 2022 | Offense, Pre-Snap Relief Throws, Pass Game, Quick Game Pass Concepts, RPO's

By Scott Chisholm and Grant Powell
Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach
Cushing High School (OK)
Twitter: @chisholm_scott @GPowell3_GP3



We have always had the ability to use the perimeter quick game, but this season more than most it was our most effective passing concept. Last season we graduated three offensive linemen that had started since their sophomore season. So, this year we brought back two starters and finished the season with only one of those starters. Needless to say, we were undersized and inexperienced up front. Our offensive philosophy is to have a throw/run ratio of 60/40, and we like to stretch the defense vertical as much as possible. Although we found out early we were going to have to adjust our play calling to help our offensive line in pass pro. So, we committed to using our quick perimeter passing game tagged with our inside run concepts.

We have three perimeter quick game tags.

  • Bubble = Bubble route ran by the inside receiver. (#2 WR in 2x2, #3 WR in 3x1)
  • Look = Now (quick) screen to the #2 WR in trips.
  • Now = Now (quick) screen to the #1 (outside) WR.


Linemen Rules:

Our base runs are Gap and Zone(mainly Inside or Wide zone). We really like to pair our perimeter quick game to a gap scheme, like Counter(GT), Trap, or Dart. We do this because it affects the eyes of the defense. When OLB’s and Safeties see pulling linemen their feet stop. This might give us the step we need to get the defense out leveraged. The linemen have no idea if the ball is being handed off or not.


QB Reads:

These are not RPO’s (we run true RPO’s), the QB is not reading anything post snap, all decisions are made prior to the ball being snapped. So, we are telling the QB to first count the box, do we have numbers? If we have numbers we will hand it off. We ask our QB to read the back side end on counter, so his next read would be is the end chasing, can I pull the ball? Those are basic rules that everyone has. Where the perimeter quick game comes into play is when the box is heavy, or when the box is lite and the QB pulls the ball(triple option).

What is Leverage?

So, leverage can change depending on the tagged route and based off the offensive formation. This is how we teach leverage based on our most commonly used formations.