Mike Leach’s Mesh Concept: A Video Analysis

Oct 2, 2011 | Offense, Pass Game, Intermediate Pass Concepts


An In-Depth Video Analysis of Mike Leach’s Mesh Concept

Researchers Note: X&O Labs was granted exclusive access to Mike Leach. We conducted three in-depth interviews with Coach Leach over a two week period in 2011.  The following report is part three of our three-part series that is featured exclusively on www.XandOLabs.com

In the final installment our interview series with former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach, Leach was gracious enough to share

Leach has tinkered with the Mesh concept since his days as the offensive coordinator at the University of Kentucky for legendary offensive guru Hal Mumme and he continued to developed it into an important part of his offense during his days at Tech.  Although he admits to us now it’s not his favorite route concept (most would argue his four vertical concept claims that distinction).  The Mesh concept has been his "old faithful" throughout his tenure as a coordinator, and one that has produced a ton of yardage for his offense.

Commonly referred to as a crossing route, the Mesh concept is a high-maintenance play according to Leach.  Like most five-step pass concepts, timing is the key to its effectiveness, it’s something that must be honed daily in practice.  We decided to profile it because of its simplicity, which is pure Leach.

And its simplicity is two-fold:

  1. It gives the quarterback a read directly in front of his face (a blitz beater by nature).

  2. Its short pass provides a potential long when in the hands of receivers that can run.

In the video below, X&O Labs’ Senior Research Manager, Mike Kuchar, details the 92 Mesh concept, from Leach’s philosophy of the play, to his route structure through his QB reads.  Again, we realize that this scheme can be run in various ways, this is strictly Leach’s way, and the way that has won him countless games through his tenure.

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