ULM’s Quarters Vise Technique

Nov 9, 2014 | Defense, Coverage, Two High Coverage Structures

By Mike Kuchar

Senior Research Manager

X&O Labs 


Editor's Note:  The following article is a portion of our Quarters Coverage Special Report.  For more from that report, click here to go to Case 1.


Adam Waugh, the defensive backs coach at the University of Louisiana-Monroe, teaches a "Vise" technique to his Corners against single wide receivers.  To counter those out-breaking routes, particularly to the boundary, Waugh teaches the "Vise" technique which is employed when there is no number two receiver for the Safety to read.  In this case, the Safety gives the "vise" call to the corner, who will cheat his alignment from inside to outside leverage on number one.  It effectively creates a double team on the number one receiver with the safety (Diagram 3).  "He is guaranteed fast and aggressive help on any inside-breaking routes by the Safety," said Waugh.  "This adjustments takes pressure off the Corner and helps reduce that weakness in Cover four which are those out-breaking routes."