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The Three-High Safety Defense

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The Three-High Safety Defense
(Softcover: 73 pages)

Due to the advent of spread offenses, defenses are continually scrambling to even the skill sets by getting more skill players on the field. The most recent progression of this has morphed into the form of three-high safety defenses. Where most defensive structures can be classified into one-high, two-high or zero high coverage, the three-high safety defense is a hybrid that has the speed to match the vertical passing game and the dexterity to match numbers in the run game.

While it may have been Iowa State University that first put the three-high defense on the football map last season, college programs such as Bridgewater College (VA) and George Fox University (OR) have developed it into an every down defense. Coupling two-high safeties with an additional “robber” defender in the middle of the field enables coaches to play multiple split field coverages while maintaining their pressure package.

The three-high scheme has even transitioned into the high school ranks where programs such as Dekalb High School (IL) is having its outside linebackers (rather than CBs) play the hard cover two-technique against wideouts on the perimeter. The familiarity of technique and physicality combines to help defend the perimeter run/pass concepts that offenses are continually using against this structure.

This manual serves as an installation for coaches who are able to put more skill players on the field in order to defend the multiple offensive systems presented each week.

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