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The Simulated Pressure System

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The Simulated Pressure System
(Softcover: 133 pages)

This new pressure system flat-out keeps offensive coordinators in a lose/lose situation by bringing control back to the defense. In simplest terms, Simulated Pressure are four-man rushes that attack an aspect of the protection or blocking scheme by overloading that particular player or side. This part of it is no different than any other pressure package. But, the difference in Simulated Pressure is that by only sending four in the rush (and not five), coverage isn’t compromised like traditional fire zones.

With Simulated Pressure, you get pressure with the player you want against the protector you want to attack, and you still have your full catalog of three deep and two deep zone coverages. How? You give all 11 of your players a legitimate role as a rusher. This is key to the system because the illusion of pressure can be as productive as pressure in certain situations. By rushing all of your 11 defenders at some point during a season, the offense has to legitimately account for each defender when they “bluff” or show pressure early. In turn, this allows you to dictate protection in one area and rush four from another.

Regardless of whether you choose to use simulated pressures or fire zones next fall, by the end of this book you will be given the complete progression needed—from pressure patterns, to pressure coverage to drill work—in order to install and utilize any or all of these pressure systems.

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