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The QB Run/RPO Driven Offensive System


The QB Run/RPO Driven Offensive System
(Softcover: 91 pages)

The contents presented in this manuscript are not necessarily tied to specific offensive systems such as RPO offenses, Flexbone offenses or triple option systems where the quarterback is asked to make up to three reads when the ball is snapped. The concepts in this book are cheap, easy-to-install concepts that keep the ball in your best player’s hands—the quarterback.

Bottom line…if you have a running quarterback in your program, you can easily implement any of these concepts to ensure success. These are known as “flop” runs which allow the running back to be a blocker—and giving the numbers advantage back to the offense.

While the premise of the dual-threat quarterback is nothing new, the dynamic of a pure running quarterback has now “trickled up” from the high school level to now the collegiate level where QBs are continually getting more carries in pure designed runs, not scrambles.

The QB run and QB driven RPO concepts in this book is what is known as the “loaded box solution,” giving a numbers advantage back to the offense. There is no better way to gain an advantage of numbers than implementing designated QB runs in your offensive menu. Gaining numbers with QB runs keeps drives alive, maintains possessions and is the solution to running the ball against loaded boxes.

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