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The Overload Formation Offensive Playbook



The Overload Formation Offensive Playbook
(Softcover: 87 pages)

There are several reasons why offensive coaches have transitioned into using unbalanced or overload formations in their offensive menu. This movement was developed out of necessity with the goal of equating numbers in the run box to combat defenses tying safeties into the run fit. Offensive coordinators needed to find more creative ways to keep their downhill run game intact.

And while Flexbone and Single Wing programs have been using formation overloads for decades, only recently have 11/20 personnel outfits made the transition into implementing unbalanced line surfaces, thanks to the success of Louisiana State University offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

To provide clarity, an “overload” or unbalanced line can consist of the following run surfaces:

  • Four surface formations (four linemen to one side of the Center)
  • Five surface formations (five linemen to one side of the Center)
  • Tackle over formations (moving a lineman to another side of the formation)

In this book, we present our research on how several programs have used overload formations in their play menu to develop all of the of the concepts in their system including runs, quick game, screens, play-actions and downfield shot concepts. Each of the coaches showcased in this manual have not only bolstered their run game significantly by augmenting blocking surfaces but have also taken advantage of loaded run boxes by utilizing explosive plays in the form of run-action passes.


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