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The Complete Zone Pressure Catalog



The Complete Zone Pressure Catalog
(Softcover: 199 pages)

As defenses continue to play “catch-up” with all the offensive innovations created each season, some programs continue to perpetuate a “blitz attitude” while defending them. Why sit back and let the offense dictate the pace of the game, if you can devise a precise pressure catalog to defend them. After all, football is an emotional game and you need to play with intensity and bringing pressure lets you do that. As former NCAA and professional football coach Ron Zook told us: “When you’re getting after offenses, kids enjoy it. They have fun. It takes the guesswork out of read and react defenses. You’re not guessing, you’re attacking. Defenders are now on the offensive and they have fun doing it. But as a defensive coordinator, you have to be smart in what you’re doing by not giving up big plays.”

This is why in The Complete Zone Pressure Catalog (a brand-new, 199-page book), the researches at X&O Labs studied the multiple coverage structures and blitz patterns that defensive coordinators are using to defend multiple offensive systems. Some of the topics researched in this book include:

  • Long Stick Stunts to Optimize Zone Pressures
  • Teaching Underneath Coverages in Three-Deep, Three Under Zone Pressures
  • Fire Zone Pressures from the Under Front
  • Three Deep, Two Under Zone Pressures from Even Fronts
  • Stemming in and out of Odd Front Pressures
  • Tagging Zone Pressures in the Odd Front
  • Varying Run Support in Two-Deep Zone Pressures
  • Nickel Zone Pressures from Odd Fronts
  • Man Pressures from Odd Fronts

In this 199-page compilation, researchers at X&O Labs studied some of the most dynamic pressure patterns, with the coverage structures behind them, that coaches were using to attack offenses. Our research is segmented into the following cases:

  • Case 1: First Level Movements to Attack Pass Protections
  • Case 2: Two and Three Deep Zone Pressures
  • Case 3: The Most Productive Man Pressures

Here’s just a few of the coaches featured in The Complete Zone Pressure Catalog:

  • Ron Zook, former head coach, University of Florida
  • Wallie Kuchinski, Defensive Coordinator, St. Thomas University
  • Justin Hamilton, Defensive Coordinator, University of Virginia Wise
  • Jamie Marshall, Defensive Coordinator, Montana State University
  • Dan Garrett, Head Coach, Kean University (NJ)
  • Ryan Fullen, Defensive Coordinator, Wagner College
  • Carey Baker, Defensive Coordinator, Henderson State University (AR)
  • And Many More!

Don’t sit back and let tempo offenses dictate pace next season. Devise multiple pressure schemes to take the game to them. Your players will thank you for it. X&O Labs’ The Complete Zone Pressure Catalog provides you with various blitz concepts from multiple fronts and coverages.

This book brings you all the latest trends, methods, strategies and schemes that can only come from X&O Labs’ in-depth research.

Design your pressure concepts this off-season by using X&O Labs’ The Complete Zone Pressure Catalog.


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