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The Complete RPO Manual



(Softcover: 250 Pages)

Urban Meyer was right when he predicted the number of teams using run/pass option concepts would double by 2014. It’s the new option football and X&O Labs presents the largest study on how to design these concepts, how to integrate them with your base runs and how to train the quarterback’s eyes to make the vital reads necessary in making these schemes work. This is the largest study ever conducted by X&O Labs.

By definition, RPOs are dual read concepts when a quarterback is asked to make post-snap decisions on whether to run or throw the ball based on a movement key of a second or third level defender.

This 250-page manual includes four research cases and 38 clinic reports from football programs across the country that have successfully implemented these RPO concepts. These reports are broken down by assessing pre- and post-snap reads for the quarterback, designing route progressions for the receivers and incorporating blocking assignments for the offensive line. This study brings you all the latest trends, methods, strategies and concepts that can only come from X&O Labs in-depth research.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Case One: RPO System Development
  • Case Two: Manipulating Box Defenders with RPOs
  • Case Three: Manipulating Perimeter Defenders with RPOs
  • Case Four: 38 Clinic Reports on RPO Concepts
  • Case Five: Drills to Train QBs in RPO Systems

Diversify your offensive system by adding the RPO concepts included in The Complete Run Pass Option Manual.


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