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The Complete Coverages vs. Spread Manual

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The Complete Coverages vs. Spread Offenses Manual
(Softcover: 143 pages)

Spread offenses have forced defensive coordinators to be more accountable in designing coverages. No longer can defenses play true one-high safety defenses against the threat of four vertical receivers. No longer can defenses over rotate to 3x1 sets, leaving the backside X vulnerable. No longer can they void zones when bringing pressure. Which is why it’s become necessary for defenses to devise various coverage structures to defend the 2x2, 3x1 and Empty spread offensive systems.

In The Complete Coverages vs. Spread Offenses Manual (a brand-new, 143-page book), the researchers at X&O Labs studied the multiple coverage structures that defensive coordinators are using to defend the play concepts that spread offensive systems are using. These include:

  • RPO (run/pass option) concepts from spread personnel groupings
  • Free Access throws to the X in trips
  • 3x1 field side route combinations
  • 3x1 formation to boundary (FIB) concepts
  • 2x2 field side route combinations
  • 2x2 formation to boundary (FIB) concepts
  • Empty route concepts
  • One and two-back run concepts from all of the above formations

Researchers at X&O Labs studied some of the most effective coverage adjustments coaches were using to defend spread offenses. This book is segmented into the following chapters:

  • Bracket Coverage Concepts to defend RPOs
  • Cover Three Conversions from a Two-High Shell
  • 4-2-5 Split Coverage variations to defend trips formations
  • Buster Split Safety coverage
  • Robber Coverage to defend 3x1 trips formations
  • Varying Coverages behind zone pressures
  • Eastern Washington University’s pattern match coverage system

You will defend a spread offensive system this fall and you’ll need to do so with multiple coverage concepts in your toolbox, not just one. X&O Labs’ The Complete Coverages vs. Spread Offenses Manual provides you with various answers to takeaway what these offenses do best.

Design your most efficient coverage concepts this off-season by using X&O Labs’ The Complete Coverages vs. Spread Offenses Manual.

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