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Quarters Coverage Study

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Quarters Coverage Study

(Softcover: 159 pages)

Pat Narduzzi, the Head Coach at the University of Pittsburgh and the former Defensive Coordinator at Michigan State University, calls Cover Four “the mother of all coverages,” and he has the numbers to back it up.

In 2013, Narduzzi’s Spartans finished fourth in the FBS in total defense and used Quarters Coverage at least 65 percent of all defensive snaps.

Coach Narduzzi contributed heavily to this research project in order to prove his bold claim, and he wasn’t the only one that did.

X&O Labs reached out to over 500 coaches that exclusively use Quarters and interviewed the likes of Chris Ash, the Co-Defensive Coordinator at Ohio State; Shap Boyd, the Defensive Coordinator at Muskingum University (and author of several Quarters Coverage resources); Nick Rapone, the Secondary Coach with the Arizona Cardinals; and many others who contributed their knowledge on the topic.

Whether you’ve been running Quarters Coverage for years or you’re looking to implement the system for the first time, X&O Labs’ Quarters Coverage Study is your best resource for maximizing the full power of this effective scheme.

The Quarters Coverage Study not only takes you inside those programs that have optimized the coverage to get maximum results, this in-depth book also gives you the latest in teaching concepts for secondary players, alignments and adjustments and defending problem areas that only X&O Labs’ research could present.

This powerful book is broken down into four research cases:

  • Case One: Quarters Coverage Concepts and Techniques of the Secondary Players
  • Case Two: Alignments and Adjustments vs. Closed Sets vs. Run and Pass
  • Case Three: Alignments and Adjustments vs. Open Sets
  • Case Four: Defending the Problem Areas in Quarters Coverage

Maximize your offensive production with X&O Labs’ Quarters Coverage Study.

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