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Quarterback Run Concepts

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Quarterback Run Concepts
(Softcover: 96 pages)

Having a dual threat quarterback can give defensive coordinators fits. The “plus one” offensive advantage forces defenses to equate numbers by placing seven in the box. This can provide for some vertical seams and man coverage opportunities in coverage. So, offensive coordinators are becoming more versed in training the quarterback to make pre-snap and post-snap decisions to run or pass based on how the defense presents itself.

Particularly when directing a tempo offense, communication is everything and a simple miscommunication can result in travesty within seconds. There are two key cogs in running the tempo offense, the offensive coordinator and the quarterback and how these two individuals work together is in direct relation to how proficient the offense becomes. On a play-by-play pre-snap basis, the quarterback is asked to survey information, digest information and communicate information in a matter of seconds.

X&O Labs team of researchers studied how communication is conveyed between the coordinator and the quarterback and covered the following topics:

  • How they teach their quarterback to identify defensive fronts and how many types of fronts he is expected to identify.
  • How they teach their quarterback to identify coverage and how these coverages are labeled in their system.
  • What landmarks these coaches use to define the “box count” and how a box is labeled.
  • How leverage is defined on the perimeter, particularly as it pertains to covered and uncovered receivers.
  • What these coaches are doing in the film room and the meeting room to teach their quarterbacks these concepts.

Researchers at X&O Labs studied how offensive coordinators were training their quarterbacks to understand these elements and devise a run game menu to advantage of these defensive deficiencies. Our research is segmented into the following chapters:

  • Coordinator to QB communication protocols
  • Translating read concepts to your QB
  • Quarterback ride series
  • Quarterback run game from Empty formations
  • Quarterback draw series
  • Quarterback trap series
  • Quarterback power read series
  • Horizontal read options off jet sweep
  • Quarterback gap read concepts
  • Quarterback counter and counter read concepts
  • Quarterback RPO concepts

If your signal caller possesses the skill sets to stress defenses both on the ground and in the air, X&O Labs’ Quarterback Run Concepts is your best resource for maximizing his potential.

This brand-new book brings you all the latest trends, methods, strategies and schemes that can only come from X&O Labs’ in-depth research.

Devise your offensive run menu around your quarterback this off-season by using X&O Labs’ Quarterback Run Concepts.

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