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No Huddle Study

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The No Huddle Study
(Softcover: 215 Pages)

Labs’ research found teams using the No Huddle can increase offensive
production by as much as 20 additional plays per game and that can add
more than 100 extra offensive yards per game.

It’s a proven fact, the No Huddle gives teams more possessions, more yards and more points.

just one question: Have you optimized your entire No Huddle system to
get maximum offensive production? If not, you’re probably not getting
the full benefits of the No Huddle.

Whether you’ve been running the No Huddle for years or you’re looking to implement the system for the first time, X&O Labs’ No Huddle Study is your best resource for maximizing the full power of this high-scoring, tempo-controlled communication system.

The No Huddle Study
not only takes you inside those football programs that have optimized
the No Huddle to get maximum results, this in-depth book also gives you
the latest in communication strategies, tempo, and practice planning
that only X&O Labs’ research could present.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this detailed book:

  • System Philosophies and Play Calling
  • Use of Tempo: From Fast to Slow
  • Practice Planning
  • Communication System Analysis
  • Interviews With Top No Huddle Coaches
  • Plus, Much More!

Maximize your offensive production with X&O Labs’ No Huddle Study.

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