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Midline & Veer Option Study

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The Midline & Veer Option Study

(Softcover: 138 pages)

Although Triple Option schemes have been utilized in football for nearly a century, they continue to evolve every year.

the popularity of the Pistol and Shotgun Spread Offense, the Midline
and Veer schemes have taken new shape. Never have these progressions
been more detailed than what will reveal itself in the pages of this

X&O Labs’ The Midline & Veer Option Study
details not only the new trends in the Option game; but more
importantly, it details what Option coaches are doing right now to get
more yards and score more points using the scheme.

Instead of
covering the entire ins and outs of the Option system, we focused our
research on four main components of the system:

  1. The QB/FB mesh on both the Midline and Veer scheme (under center and in shotgun).
  2. Varying interior blocking schemes based on front structure.
  3. Varying exterior (perimeter) blocking schemes based on coverage structure.
  4. How option coaches are finding innovative ways to stress defenses by manipulating read defenders.

We present all of our research in three individual case reports:

  • Case One: Quarterback Footwork and the Mesh Game
  • Case Two: Interior and Exterior Blocking Techniques and Concepts
  • Case Three: Formationing the Defense in the Option Game

The Midline & Veer Option Study is a “Must-Have” resource for every coach who runs any form of option football.

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