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Middle & Outside Zone Study

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The Middle & Outside Zone Study (Softcover: 140 pages)

X&O Labs presents new research on the middle and outside zone run concepts. Our researchers have found that many coaches are utilizing the 6/7 hole run concepts as a complement to the inside zone concept.

The reasoning is simple: It pushes the ball to the perimeter, it allows the ball carrier to make natural reads in transition by providing lateral displacement and it takes advantage of various defensive structures that may not be so sound.

Whether you’ve been running the middle and outside zone for years or you’re looking implement the system for the first time, X&O Labs’ The Middle and Outside Zone Study is your best resource for maximizing the full power of this scheme.

The Middle and Outside Zone Study takes you inside those football programs that have optimized the scheme to get maximum results. Plus, this in-depth book provides you the latest research and trends that can only come from X&O Labs.

Here’s just a few of the coaches and programs that have featured in this book:

Tom Cable, OL Coach, Seattle Seahawks
Rick Trickett, OL Coach, Florida State University
Mark Staten, OL Coach, Michigan State University
Steve Hagen, TE Coach, New York Jets
John Donatelli, OL Coach, Towson University
Jason Eck, OL Coach, Minnesota State-Mankato
Brandon Jones, OL Coach, Eastern Carolina University
Mark Melnitsky, OL Coach, Trinity College (CT)
Travis Mikel-Allen, OL Coach, Southeastern Louisiana University
Eddy Morrissey, OL Coach, Princeton University
Drew Owens, OL Coach, Western Connecticut State University
Joel Rodriguez, OL Coach, Fordham University

Maximize your offensive production with X&O Labs’ Middle and Outside Zone Study.

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