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Effective Pressure Check Protocols

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Effective Pressure Check Protocols

(Softcover: 196 pages)

When creatively designed and accurately called, a pressure system cannot only be detrimental to offenses… it can be downright degrading.

But what if you don’t call it right?

X&O Labs’ research discovered 49.7 percent of coaches are now implementing a pressure check system, a pressure called by a defensive player pre-snap to put their defense in the most advantageous situation.

Researchers at X&O Labs studied the most effective pressure check protocols based off of several variables: down and distance, formation, personnel, field position and pre-snap movement and detailed all of these in an unprecedented new book, Effective Pressure Check Protocols. Now you can take the guesswork out of calling pressures and put a tremendous amount of stress on any offense – especially up-tempo, spread offenses.

Whether you’ve been using pressure checks for years or you’re looking to implement the system for the first time, X&O Labs’ Effective Pressure Check Protocols is your best resource for maximizing this powerful defensive system.

This book brings you all the latest trends, methods, strategies and schemes that can only come from X&O Labs’ in-depth research. Plus, you’ll go inside some of the best defensive programs in the country and get never-before-seen insight on how they operate their own pressure checks.

Here’s just a few of the coaches featured in Effective Pressure Check Protocols:

  • Chris Ash, Co-Defensive Coordinator, Ohio State University
  • Bud Foster, Defensive Coordinator, Virginia Tech
  • Tom Mason, Defensive Coordinator, Southern Methodist University
  • Tyrone Nix, Defensive Coordinator, Middle Tennessee State
  • Wallie Kuchinski, Defensive Coordinator, St. Thomas University
  • And Many More!

Put your players in the best possible situation to be successful each and every play using X&O Labs’ Effective Pressure Check Protocols.

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