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Designing RPO Systems

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Designing RPO Systems
(Softcover: 129 pages)

RPOs are the hottest topic on the clinic circuit this off-season.

With good reason, the RPO system is the hybrid blend of the two most dynamic offenses in the history of football: the wishbone and the spread. It combines triple option dynamics from spread formations.

With the rise in its popularity, there have been a myriad of books, articles and videos on RPO concepts, most of which do not teach you how to implement them into your system, your terminology, your formations and your run game.

In our popular special report, The RPO Study, and in the release of our #1 bestselling book, Complete RPO Manual, we detailed over three-dozen RPO concepts. They were innovative designs that were supported with illustration and video that allowed coaches to pick and choose a concept or two.

But if you want to commit to running an RPO system, you have to dissect how defenses are defending your run game and attack them.

That is why we are excited to announce the release of our brand-new book Designing RPO Systems

This massive study fills the void on how to effectively design and implement RPOs in your offensive system.

When we conducted our research, we consulted only with programs that base at least 50 percent of offensive snaps on post-snap options.

In this groundbreaking study, we delve completely into how these coaches are devising their RPO schemes, which are predicated on box count, front structure and coverage structures. We sat in the spring meeting rooms with these coaches as they broke down the run game from each of their most productive formations and personnel groupings to marry up the complementary pass tags they use to attack those coverages, including ones they will be using next fall.

We broke this special report into four cases and one bonus case:

  • Case 1: Run Designation Predicated on Front and Box Count
  • Case 2: RPO Formation Designation to Manipulate Conflict Defenders
  • Case 3: RPO Route Designation to Manipulate Coverage Structure
  • Case 4: RPO Route Designation to Combat Man Coverage
  • Bonus Case: Installation Methodologies and the Evolvement of RPOs

Whether you’ve been running an RPO system for the last few years or you’re looking to implement the concept for the first time, Designing PRO Systems is a must-read to truly understand how to customize this concept in your offense—using your terminology, your formations, your run game.

Designing RPO Systems brings you all the latest trends, methods, strategies and schemes that can only come from X&O Labs’ in-depth research. It reveals how you can easily implement the RPO system into your offense by using your top formations in your best personnel groupings in order to protect your most productive run concepts.

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