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Adapting Air Raid Philosophy to Any Offense

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Adapting Air Raid Philosophy to Any Offense
(Softcover: 136 pages)

The Air Raid offensive system has become synonymous with scoring points. A quick reference of the top scoring programs at any level at the end of any season will find multiple Air Raid outfits sitting in the top ten. The productivity in this system is based completely on attacking defensive leverage. And leverage is best defined as the location of space in zone coverages and an exploitation of a mismatch in man coverage. Air Raid purists work diligently to find ways to accomplish these two tasks.

So, in this manual, we take readers behind the curtain to show how certain Air Raid coaches are using the foundational pass concepts in this system (horizontal stretches and perimeter stretches) and evolving them to gain more efficiency. We also provide the specific drill work these coaches are using to fine tune these concepts.

We’ve devoted entire cases around the cornerstones in the passing game of the Air Raid system: horizontal read stretches, perimeter read stretches and how coaches are tweaking these route progressions to exploit space. We’ve also included a chapter on which route tags coaches are building in on the backside of these route concepts to affect space and we’ve also added a chapter on ways to get the running back (or Super Back in the Air Raid) the football on routes. Usually one of the better athletes on the field, the Super Back can be a viable pass catching threat in this system.

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