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20 Personnel Concepts

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20 Personnel Concepts
(Softcover: 135 pages)

It’s the hottest offensive personnel grouping in football right now. The 20 personnel grouping (two backs, no tight ends) have been increasing with popularity for good reason, it’s a two-back offense under the guise as a one-back, West Coast system. With an additional F/Y, coaches have the viable run threat by creating extra gaps along the line of scrimmage and on the perimeter. And when mixed with the RPO game, these personnel structures can be lethal when taking advantage of extra defenders in the box. It’s the reason why coaches are continuing to build two-back personnel groupings into their offense.

There is no doubting the popularity of this grouping. In tempo offenses it allows offenses to keep their spread offensive identity while providing for mismatches on linebackers on the perimeter pass game while keeping six-man blocking surfaces in the run game. Not surprisingly, it is one of the most well-read topics among all X&O Labs researched topics. In this 135-page book, we researched some of the top 20 personnel offensive programs in the country, including the system being run at Texas A&M University, to study how they are using these 20 personnel structures to manipulate defenses. And whom else could we get to chair this report than Texas A&M University offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone? Coach Mazzone has made a living, a very good living, by devising his entire offensive system around this grouping.

As we present our findings in this book, it’s important to note that although our research is catered to 20 personnel groupings there are certainly some synergies between this grouping and 11 personnel groupings. As we explore the skill set and prototype of that F/H player, we found that he can be a true back, a true blocker, a true receiver or an “all-in-one” type player. Finding him in your system or in your hallways can take effort, but once you do there are limitless possibilities for what you can do with him.

Researchers at X&O Labs studied some of the most prolific 20 personnel offensive systems around the country to present our findings on how they were using this personnel grouping to craft runs, play-actions and run/pass options. Our research is segmented into the following cases:

  • Case 1: Optimizing Skill Sets of Players and Building Formation Packages
  • Case 2: Game Planning 20 Personnel Run Concepts
  • Case 3: Game Planning 20 Personnel RPO Concepts

So, whether your offense is based on either 11 personnel or 20 personnel groupings or you have a versatile extra tight end or fullback in your system, X&O Labs’ brand-new book, 20 Personnel Concepts, is your best resource for maximizing this powerful offensive grouping.

Devise your offensive system this off-season around 20 personnel groupings by using X&O Labs’ 20 Personnel Concepts.


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