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Adam Hovorka

Adam Hovorka

Adam Hovorka

Managing Editor

X&O Labs

Adam Hovorka serves as Managing Editor at X&O Labs. Since joining the team in 2017, Adam has worked with over 80 coaches to write and publish their materials. Adam has written several clinic reports on the 4-2-5 defense and the multiple spread offense. In addition to his work at X&O Labs, Adam just finished up his first year as the DC at Plainedge High School in Massapequa NY, helping lead the squad to undefeated regular season and a County Championship. Prior to joining the coaching staff at his alma mater, Adam enjoyed 18 years coaching in the high school ranks as a Head Football Coach and defensive coordinator. Coach Hovorka's teams have been in nine championship games. Besides coaching, Adam is a Special Education and a Social Studies teacher. He lives in Babylon, NY with his wife of 12 years and his three children.

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Teaching Blitz-Peel Technique to Edge Rushers

2020-11-09 16:33:38

By Eric Firestone, Defensive Coordinator, Gardendale High School (AL) At Gardendale High School we are a Multiple Front Defense. In today’s era of wide-open spread offenses, it is imperative that as a defense we present a variety of looks with...

The A-Gap Slip Field Goal Block Scheme

2020-11-09 16:04:44

By Ryan Montalvo, Special Teams Coordinator / Secondary Coach, Dulles High School (TX) Field goal block can be an overlooked aspect of the kicking due to it usually occurring right after your defense just gave up a score. We developed...

Developing a Mental Training Program

2020-11-08 16:37:33

By Ryan Lucchesi and Tyler Kunick, Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line and Outside Linebackers, Muskego High School (WI) See how the Warriors developed a series of mental training sessions that resulted in winning 26 straight games and are the number one ranked...

21-Hour Football: Using “Pride Points” in the Off-Season Program

2020-11-08 15:51:17

By Jeremy Plaa, Thomas Downey High School, Modesto (CA) X&O Labs is continuing its study into how coaches are advancing their programs to achieve higher levels of success in an ever-changing culture, society and world. We’re calling our study The...

“Motor” and “Driver” Techniques for Zone Combinations

2020-11-02 13:14:56

Joseph Gaddy, Offensive Line Coach, Madison County High School (FL) Some form of Inside Zone accounted for 32% of our run game this past season which was roughly 182 times. While it may be presented differently in the way of...

Packaging Plays for Post-Season Success

2020-11-01 21:20:00

By Sam Nichols, X&O Labs Broken Arrow's Offensive Coordinator, Jay Wilkinson, reveals how he adds new twists to his playbook for the playoffs without confusing his players. By Sam Nichols Managing Editor X&O Labs Insiders Members: Click here to login and read the full-length...

F.A.S.T. System To Develop Offensive Ownership

2020-11-01 15:48:26

Jarrett M. Laws, M.Ed., Head Football Coach, Salem High School (GA) What happened when one coach gave his players ownership of the offense? More focus in practice, increased participation and 4A playoff berth. See what he did. Jarrett M. Laws, M.Ed...

Basic Shield Punt Concept and Drill Work

2020-11-01 15:25:27

By Gabriel Ostrander, Defensive Coordinator, Elmwood Park High School (IL) If executing correctly, it can be the great equalizer for mismatched personnel. Opponents averaged 2.1 yards per return against it last season; 8 of which were for one yard or...

Special Teams Game Planning and Practice Preparation

2020-10-26 13:45:23

By Bobby Ramsay, Head Football Coach, Mandarin High School (FL) Planning, installation, teaching, efficiency. All of these are things that as coaches we must take into consideration on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It is especially important that when...

Double Duty for the Double Screen (Drill)

2020-10-25 16:13:46

By Ray Butler, Head Football Coach, Boston Latin School With governing bodies reducing practice time, one coach found a unique way to combine both conditioning and his Double Screen. See what he did... By Ray Butler Head Football Coach...

Shotgun Wing T Reverse Package

2020-10-25 15:31:11

By Ken Vigdal, Offensive Coordinator, Brookings High School (SD) As a Wing T disciple, Ken Vigdal felt it necessary to open up his formations in order to maintain his interior run game against loaded run boxes. This transition led to...

In-Season Defensive Individual and Unit Goal Setting Objectives

2020-10-25 14:30:56

By Jason Brown, Linebackers Coach, St. Charles Catholic High School (LA) When we think of quality control we should think of how we are measuring our methodology--which is simply the way we are trying to implement our philosophy of defense. By...

Sam Nichols

sam profile

Sam Nichols

Managing Editor

X&O Labs

Sam Nichols serves as Managing Editor at X&O Labs.  Since joining the team in 2012, Nichols has worked with over 100 coaches to write and publish their materials.  He is the author of the popular No Huddle Research Report that was released in March 2013.  In addition to his work at X&O Labs, Sam is entering his third year as wide receivers coach at Hope College in Holland, MI.  Prior to joining the coaching staff at his alma mater, Sam enjoyed 10 years coaching in the high school ranks leading multiple teams to playoff appearances and coaching players like current Washington Redskin Kirk Cousins.  Sam had a variety of writing and publishing experiences before he joined the X&O Labs team.  Since 2006, he has published 8 articles in various football coaching journals, is featured in an instructional coaching DVD series, wrote a best-selling no huddle manual, and published a instructional book on running great youth football camps.

Follow Sam on Twitter: @SNicholsXOLabs

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Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar

Senior Research Manager

X&O Labs

Mike Kuchar serves as co-founder and Senior Research Manager of X&O Labs. Kuchar has spent the last 15 years of his writing career researching and reporting on the newest trends and innovations in the game. His work has been featured in various national publications including ESPN Magazine, USA Today, and CBSports.com as well as coaching trade publications. Since starting X&O Labs, Kuchar has authored several special reports including the Zone Read Study, the Quarters Coverage Study and the 4-2-5 Defense Study.  Aside from his journalistic pursuits, Kuchar has been a coach for 14 years, both at the high school and college level as a head coach and a defensive coordinator. Currently he is the assistant head coach and offensive coordinator at Rahway High School in New Jersey.  

Follow Mike on Twitter: @MikekKuchar

Email Mike: Click Here

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