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Adam Hovorka

Adam Hovorka

Adam Hovorka

Managing Editor

X&O Labs

Adam Hovorka serves as Managing Editor at X&O Labs. Since joining the team in 2017, Adam has worked with over 80 coaches to write and publish their materials. Adam has written several clinic reports on the 4-2-5 defense and the multiple spread offense. In addition to his work at X&O Labs, Adam just finished up his first year as the DC at Plainedge High School in Massapequa NY, helping lead the squad to undefeated regular season and a County Championship. Prior to joining the coaching staff at his alma mater, Adam enjoyed 18 years coaching in the high school ranks as a Head Football Coach and defensive coordinator. Coach Hovorka's teams have been in nine championship games. Besides coaching, Adam is a Special Education and a Social Studies teacher. He lives in Babylon, NY with his wife of 12 years and his three children.

Follow Adam on Twitter: @XOLabs_Editor

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Formationing the Jet Sweep to Exploit Numbers

2019-04-14 14:14:07

By Pete DeWeese, Featuring: Sam Parker, Offensive Line Coach, Ferris State University (MI) In its run to another Division 2 national championship final, Ferris State University (MI) posted astronomical numbers on offense — 491 yards per game and 39 points...

Trap and Stubbie Coverage to Defend Dual Threat QBs

2019-04-14 14:00:36

By Jesse Turner (Secondary Coach) and Lee Gibson (Head Coach), Leeds High School (AL) These two different looks discussed in this report provide you with the ammo you need to stop the biggest threat out of the sprint game while...

Incorporating the Surface To Air-Raid (S.T.A.R.) System to Enhance Air Raid Staples

2019-04-14 13:26:27

By Rich Hargitt, Offensive Coordinator, Emmett High School (ID) At Emmett High School, they are a base Spread offense with Air Raid inspirations that features a large number of RPOs. They run these plays from a fast tempo and feature,...

St. Francis University’s (IN) Tweak on Tampa Two

2019-04-14 05:40:00

By Joey Didier, Co-Defensive Coordinator, University of Saint Francis (IN) Why teach a run-stuffing Mike linebacker to drop between the hashes if you don’t have to? The University of St. Francis employs a Nickel player to both deny vertical passing lanes...

A/B Gap Divide Runs vs. Odd and Bear Fronts

2019-04-07 15:46:47

By Mike Kuchar with Brian Gabriel, Run Game Coordinator/OL Coach, Monmouth University (NJ) When New England Patriots FB James Develin trapped Rams Nose Nadomincan Suh for a 13-yard gain to open the Super Bowl, it wasn't just a tempo setter...

Dime Package Coverage for the 4-2-5 Defense

2019-04-07 15:17:37

By Mike Nahum, Associate Head Coach/Safeties, Marvin Ridge High School (NC) See how one coaching staff runs their Dime Package which allows all their players to play in normal 4-2-5 alignment keeping their reads and keys the same. And as...

Applying the “ACTS” Principle to the Seam/Wheel Concept

2019-04-07 03:27:37

By Lonnie Norton, Offensive Coordinator/QBs, Prairiland High School (TX) This concept has proven to be explosive and versatile. See how one coaching staff uses this concept to defeat the blitz and man coverage, defeat overloaded coverage to trips, and used...

4-2-5 Split Coverage Variations to Defend Trips

2019-04-06 14:57:00

By Chris Endress, Defensive Coordinator, Columbus High School (KS) See why coach Endress used these concepts against over 80% of the trips looks they saw this past season. Read more here... By Chris Endress Defensive Coordinator Columbus High School (KS) Insiders Members: Login here to...

Play Action Progressions from Power Read

2019-03-31 10:08:26

By Matt Kelly, Offensive Coordinator/QBs, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA) As two-high overhang defenses began to eliminate the wheel portion of Power Read PAP, something needed to be done to elongate the launch point and provide options for the QB’s read...

Five Quarters Coverage Variations to Defend Modern Day Offenses

2019-03-31 09:34:56

By Jason Brown, Linebackers Coach, St. Charles Catholic High School (LA) We’ve all heard that Quarters coverage is too multiple and has too many adjustments—most detractors say Quarters creates complexity and indecision. Don’t believe that kind of thinking... By Jason Brown...

Using a Numbering System to Communicate Pressures

2019-03-30 16:32:08

By Michael Bellacosa, Defense Coach, West Islip Public Schools (NY) In high school football, I have always believed that overwhelming the point of attack, putting as much pressure on the offense as possible will allow to dictate and control the...

How Ferris State is Expanding Its Power Read Package this Off-Season

2019-03-30 15:59:01

By Mike Kuchar, Senior Research Manager, X&O Labs The following research was conducted as part of X&O Labs special report on QB generated run/RPO system. By Mike Kuchar Senior Research Manager X&O Labs Twitter: @MikekKuchar Editor’s Note: The following...

Sam Nichols

sam profile

Sam Nichols

Managing Editor

X&O Labs

Sam Nichols serves as Managing Editor at X&O Labs.  Since joining the team in 2012, Nichols has worked with over 100 coaches to write and publish their materials.  He is the author of the popular No Huddle Research Report that was released in March 2013.  In addition to his work at X&O Labs, Sam is entering his third year as wide receivers coach at Hope College in Holland, MI.  Prior to joining the coaching staff at his alma mater, Sam enjoyed 10 years coaching in the high school ranks leading multiple teams to playoff appearances and coaching players like current Washington Redskin Kirk Cousins.  Sam had a variety of writing and publishing experiences before he joined the X&O Labs team.  Since 2006, he has published 8 articles in various football coaching journals, is featured in an instructional coaching DVD series, wrote a best-selling no huddle manual, and published a instructional book on running great youth football camps.

Follow Sam on Twitter: @SNicholsXOLabs

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Mike Kuchar


Mike Kuchar

Senior Research Manager

X&O Labs

Mike Kuchar serves as co-founder and Senior Research Manager of X&O Labs. Kuchar has spent the last 15 years of his writing career researching and reporting on the newest trends and innovations in the game. His work has been featured in various national publications including ESPN Magazine, USA Today, and CBSports.com as well as coaching trade publications. Since starting X&O Labs, Kuchar has authored several special reports including the Zone Read Study, the Quarters Coverage Study and the 4-2-5 Defense Study.  Aside from his journalistic pursuits, Kuchar has been a coach for 14 years, both at the high school and college level as a head coach and a defensive coordinator. Currently he is the assistant head coach and offensive coordinator at Rahway High School in New Jersey.  

Follow Mike on Twitter: @MikekKuchar

Email Mike: Click Here

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