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bildeBy Matt Williams, Offensive Coordinator, Leon High School (FL)

See how Coach Williams uses the QB Ride Series to compliment their outside zone/stretch and sweep plays and keep defenses on their heels.



By Matt Williams

Offensive Coordinator

Leon High School (FL)


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bildeThe QB Ride Series is a series of QB run plays out of shotgun sets.  The QB run game is an important element to most spread teams because it presents a numbers issue to the defense. It also provides an added element to the QB run game by providing misdirection and the illusion of an option game.

At Leon High School we are a power and option oriented run team.  We like to run these plays in multiple ways.  We then will run the inside and outside zone, particularly the outside zone/stretch scheme as a compliment to the power runs.

The QB Ride Series is a compliment to our outside zone/stretch and sweep plays.  We run it when Linebackers and Safeties are over-pursuing and not staying in the run lanes, or when defenses become over aggressive on the edge versus outside runs.

The QB Ride Series is an effective counterpunch for any team that runs outside zone/stretch and Jet/Fly sweep plays from the gun.  The benefits include:

  • Numbers in the QB run game.
  • The base plays of power and counter are day one installation plays.  So there is nothing new to install for most players.
  • The plays involve misdirection and make defenders play assignment football.  This can provide better leverage versus outside runs.
  • The plays give the illusion of an option game, but there are no reads for the QB.  No reads equals no wrong reads.
  • These plays can be run from multiple personnel groupings and formations.  So any team can run them and they can be run from multiple looks.

The "Ride" is a long, exaggerated run fake to a RB, or motion WR, who then sprints towards the sideline selling misdirection.

During the "Ride" the QB will shuffle one step with the ride, then pull and run the called play. 

The two base runs in the QB Ride Series are: Ride QB Power and Ride QB Counter.  These two plays entered our playbook during the Wildcat phenomenon of 2009.  While the Wildcat formation and substituting an athlete in at QB has faded out of our playbook, these fundamental plays remain today.

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Ride QB Power (Diagram 1):

The Ride QB Power is our primary run complement to the outside zone/stretch play and Jet/Fly sweep series.  When the play side LB and Safety are flying out of the box to stop the outside run we counter punch with this play.

The rules are:

  • Power O blocking by the OL
  • The play side RB or single RB will kick the first defender outside of our end man on the LOS, whether it be the offensive tackle or tight end.
  • Ride Action by the QB and the backside RB/Motion WR.

DIAGRAM 1 – Two Back Gun Ride QB Power


DIAGRAM 2 – Up Back Gun Ride QB Power

Diagram 1 is our two back version of this run.  This play is reminiscent of the QB power read/inverted veer play.  While we run a number of triple option looks or QB reads, we have not had success with the power read play.   So, the Ride QB Power gives the illusion of the power read while taking all of the reads out of it.  The play side back takes the Fullback kick responsibility and the backside back is the Ride fake. We will also run this play with the play side back as an up back to help with the kick angle (Diagram 2).


DIAGRAM 3 – WR in Motion Ride QB Power

We will also use our Ride as a motion (Diagram 3). This is our one back version of this run. This play really invokes the Wildcat QB Power play compliment to the Jet sweep.  Our running back will take on the Fullback kick responsibility and the motion WR becomes the ride fake.  We can motion any wide receiver for the Ride.  This play has been especially good to us in short yardage situations.  Spreading the field will take defenders out of the box and the ride fake will often make the play side linebacker over pursue creating a great run lane for the QB.

DIAGRAM 4 –H Back Over Ride QB Power

Diagram 4 is a variation of the play that is our complement to our gun counter game.  Note the alignment of the Up Back (F) and H Back to the same side of the QB.  We frequently run counter with the H Back away from the backs.  On our counter play we will either fill backside with the up back or we will pull and wrap with the up back.  This play is designed for the up back to kick like the fill.  The H Back rides away from the play.  We run this when teams are over playing our counter.



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