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Offensive Practice Real-Time Schedule 

Note:  X&O Labs’ Mike Kuchar was a guest of Monmouth University’s (NJ) head coach and X&O Labs Subscriber Kevin Callahan as well as offensive line coach Brian Gabriel.  Coach Gabriel will be submitting a clinic report on Monmouth’s "pin and pull" outside zone scheme in the near future. 

Monmouth’s Spring Practice Report 

Offensive Line Pre-Practice Progression: 5-minutes

All offensive lineman were set up on the sideline in order to work the following footwork:

  • Vertical sets for three steps
  • Vertical sets to post step (to stop inside move)
Team Stretch (Static and Dynamic): 10-minutes

The entire team lines up five yards apart from each other, with the first group on the goal line - offense on one side of the hash, defense on the other.  Each stretch was conducted for a five-yard length. The following stretch progression was used:

  • Jumping jacks
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Hurdler kicks
  • Straight leg kicks
  • Front lunges
  • Walking toe touches
  • Walking quad stretch
  • Side shuffles
  • Carioca’s
  • High Knees
  • Backpedals
  • Static hurdler stretch
  • Standing butterflies (sumo’s)
  • Standing toe touches

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One-on-One’s (Call Outs): 5-minutes

Coach Callahan pits the following position groups against each other for a one-on-one drive block:

  • OL vs. DL
  • Fullbacks and Tailbacks vs. Linebackers
  • Wide Receivers vs. Cornerbacks
Group Offense (Period 1, Run Emphasis): 10-minutes
  • QB/RB’s: worked mesh drill for under and gun formations
  • WR: worked a cone drill (Diagram 1) for speed and agility.
  • TE: worked in breaking routes against each other.
  • OL: worked a run blocking progression with the following coaching points being stressed.
  • Tight Reach: Aiming point is near number of defender. (Diagram 2)
  • Wide Reach: Step for width.  Aiming point is far number of defender; get inside arm through outside number.  Drive outside knee through defender. (Diagram 3)
  • Zoning up to LB depth: shuffle step, accelerate thought target.  (Diagram 4)
  • Gap Drill: Covered lineman gets a shoulder lift, "get knee high, check your gap."  Uncovered lineman will down block. (Diagram 5).
Group Offense (Period 2, Pass Emphasis): 10-minutes

Here, we stayed mainly with Coach Gabriel who worked the following drill progression in pass protection:

  • Pass Pro Wave Drill (Diagram 6).
  • Partnered Pass rush, working just footwork on the following types of man rushes: (inside alignment, tight alignment and wide alignment)
  • Mirror Dodge Drill (Diagram 7) working different alignments of defenders.
  • Spin Drill- DL will start with shoulders perpendicular to OL; OL will work to keep hands on defender and keep him in front.
  • Bull Rush Drill (Diagram Eight)
  • DL Twist Drill (Diagram 9)
Group Offense (Period 3): 10-minutes
  • Inside Drill (OL/DL, LB)
  • One-on-One’s (WR, DB’s)
Field Goal vs. Field Goal Block (Live): 5-minutes

Punt team vs. Punt Block (Live): 5-minutes

Offensive Team Install: 10-minutes

  • Swing Screen Period (Diagram 10-11)

Group Offense (Period 4): 15-minutes

  • Pass Skelly (Skill) One-on-One Pass Rush (Line)
Live Team Period (Offense vs. Defense): 25-minutes

Total Time- 2.0 hours

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                        General Notes From the Practice Session:

  • Really impressed with the efficiency with which Coach Gabriel designed his individual and group sessions.  It was well organized, particularly for spring ball.  All of his offensive lineman knew where to go and when to go there.  In one ten-minute group session, Coach Gabriel ran a total of seven drills.
  • Coach Gabriel teaches different levels of alignments for his offensive lineman.  I thought this was somewhat unique.  The levels he teaches is below:
  1. Level 1- Crowd ball as close as possible (used in run concepts.
  2. Level 2- Offensive lineman’s toes are even with the Center’s heels (used in wide zone blocking schemes, where getting depth is essential).
  3. Level 3- Offensive lineman’s helmets are even with Center’s heels (used when working vertical sets in the pass game)
  • Monmouth worked their entire team period from the +40 yard line going in.  It was a long period - 25 minutes - but the tempo was thud, not live.
  • Kevin Callahan and his staff were very accommodating to the high school coaches and players that were at practice.  We were given full access to meetings, practice time, etc. We realize we have a solid group of New Jersey readers and we couldn’t say enough good things about that program.  It may be a good idea to stop in at Monmouth before spring wraps up to talk some ball.
Questions or Comments? Please post your questions or comments below and Mike Kuchar will respond shortly.

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