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By Steve Rapp, Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach, Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr High School (MD)

In this report, you’ll see 3 man-beaters, a sprint-out rub combination, an RPO man beaters with Gap scheme, and one with the outside zone with an off/bail CB.

By Steve Rapp
Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach
Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr High School (MD)
Twitter: @CoachRapp_O



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At Wise High School attacking man, coverage has become a regular occurrence for us. We are a heavy Run/RPO team, which defenses answer as of late is to play a lot of Cover 1 and Cover 0 to get extra players into the box and take bender/stick throws away. This has led our offense to evolve to man-beater concepts with the sprint out and RPO attached. I will discuss 3 man-beaters, a sprint-out rub combination, an RPO man beater with Gap scheme, and one with the outside zone with an off/bail CB.


Move Concept

Our sprint out move combination is a go-to versus Blitz and Man coverage. It is a 3x1 combination (See Diagram #1). You can dress this up any way you like using bunch/loose trips/TE attached or detached Trips. The premise of this whole combination is #2 and #3 working together to get a rub. #1 strong is 50/50 Fade ball, #2 a 5-yard hitch and expanded inside (like a basketball pivot), #3 a 4 yard out staying straight after coming underneath the hitch. We add full sprint protection opposite of the call for a false triangle read for inside the box backers, which leaves our tailback 1v1 versus the play side DE.

Diagram 1


Major coaching point: This 5-yard hitch and 4 out must be worked every day, they are a team and must work together to get each other open. We work it vs press on 2/3 so they can work their releases but still get the timing down. 



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Conceptually condensing the formation, stacking receivers and movements forces the defense while in man coverage to align at different levels which creates space to work, this also makes it easier to bring people under & over creating natural picks by leverage. I would also like to point out that being able to run the football against man coverage is the #1 way to beat it, vs 10p the defense can lose up to 4 players CB’s and both alley defenders with runoff/ routes tagged!



Meet Steve Rapp: Coach Rapp has been coaching high school football in Prince George’s County since 2008. He began his coaching career as the Quarterback Coach and Offensive Coordinator at Northwestern High School where he remained for 5 years. Coach Rapp then transitioned to Dr. Henry A Wise High School where he has completed his sixth year coordinating an offense that produced both a two-thousand-yard passer and a thousand-yard rusher back to back years for the first time in school history. This offense also left its mark in the Maryland State record books; setting a record for most points scored in a four-game playoff stretch (186) ultimately leading to our 4th State championship.





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