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Offensive Practice Real-Time Schedule

By Mike Kuchar

Senior Research Manager

X&O Labs 

Expectations: At times, players would even tee off on the

X&O Labs was a guest of Delaware offensive coordinator and X&O Labs subscriber Jim Hofher.  Coach Hofher will be submitting two clinic reports in the near future for X&O Labs - both on his empty protection package and his field drive concept out of the quick passing game. Continue reading www.XandOLabs.com for all of Coach Hofher’s clinic reports.

Below you will find the spring practice report from Mike Kuchar’s visit to Delaware’s practice on April 6, 2012.

Punt Team Walk-Thru (Duration: 5 minutes )

  • QB’s stretched on their own.
  • OL worked blitz recognition drill against two-man games.
Offensive Team Walk-Thru (Duration: 5 minutes)
  • All offensive personnel worked their "Sonic" and "Dallas" both read option concepts, which were on the installation schedule for today.
Tempo Drill (Duration: 5 minutes)
  • All offensive personnel worked plays on air at 75 percent speed, alternating both runs and passes.
Team Flex - Dynamic Stretch (Duration: 10 minutes)
  • Jog for 20 yards
  • Knee skips for 20 yards
  • High knees for 10, butt kicks for 10 yards
  • Step and pull knee to chin
  • Step and grab quad
  • Crossovers
  • Backpedals
  • Side shuffles (left for 10 yds, right for 10 yds.)
  • Lunges (front for 10 yds, backwards for 10 yds.)
  • Toe touches for 10 yds, leg kicks for 10 yds.
  • 70 percent run
  • Straight leg run
  • 80 percent run
  • 100 percent run

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Situational Drill (Duration: 5 minutes)
  • Live period: offense vs. defense. Thud tempo. All third down emphasis.
Special Teams Kickoff Return (Duration: 10 minutes)
  • QB’s worked their drops and bag agility drills.
  • OL worked on the two-man Crowther sled- two hand punches from knees and feet.
Group Offense (Period 1) (Duration: 5 minutes)
  • QB’s/RB’s/WR’s: worked a "tunnel drill" (Diagram 1), which trains their eyes to get back on the QB after running thru pop-up dummies. 
  • OL blocked defensive line twists (Diagram 2).  Delaware teaches something unique in blocking twists.  Check the diagram to see how they do it.
Team Offense (Duration: 5 minutes)
  • Full offensive team worked play polish on air.
Group Offense (Period 2) (Duration: 10 minutes)

QB’s/Back’s/TE’s: worked pass routes on air.

OL: worked "two step" pass protection drill where the fit was emphasized against wide and tight shades.

WR: worked box drill (Diagram 3-5) that emphasized precise route running.

Group Offense (Period 3) (Duration: 15 minutes)

  • QB’s/WR’s/TB’s: worked routes on air.
  • OL/TE’s: worked run game block recognition against bags (various fronts)
  • FB’s: worked block progression against Crowther sled.

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Group Offense (Period 4) (Duration: 15 minutes)
  • Inside Drill (line)
  • One on one’s (skill)
Specialists (Duration: 5 minutes)
  • Long Snappers/Punters: worked directional kicks and kicks inside the 40 yard line.
Pass Skelly (Duration: 15 minutes)

Team Blitz Period (Duration: 5 minutes)

  • This was more of a defensive period, where all zone and man pressures were run against both run and pass concepts.
Special Teams 3: Punt Return (Duration: 5 minutes)
  • Involved players worked a "trail drill" (Diagram 6), which emphasized shielding punt team players from making the tackle on a punt.
Team Period (Duration: 15 minutes)
  • Full team period: offense vs. defense.  Different down and distance situations were worked in to script.  Players worked thud tempo.
Special Teams 4: FG Block Stations (Duration: 5 minutes)
  • Line: worked an interior block station (Diagram 7).
  • Skill: worked an exterior block station (Diagram 8).
Total Time: 2.25 hours

General Notes From the Practice Session:

  • Head Coach K.C. Keeler and his staff put on a physical style of practice and scheduled a total of four live sessions (third down situational, team blitz, inside run and team).  Nobody took anyone to the ground, it was all "thud" tempo, yet players were competing and getting after it. There truly wasn’t a dull moment. Even during low tempo periods, you can hear his staff (particularly the groveling tone of defensive line coach Phil Petitte) encouraging players.

  • At times, players would even tee off on the "green shirts," or QBs.  Not a word was said - in Delaware’s option offense QBs are expected to be hit.

  • In order to keep the tempo up, Coach Keeler would shout "two claps on up," in which players would respond by clapping.  Again, not significant to the practice components, but just another way that Keeler keeps his players focused and "in the moment" during the session.

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  • About halfway through the practice, Coach Keeler blew his whistle and scheduled impromptu "Cock Fights" which pitted three offensive players with a ball carrier against three defensive players.  The Delaware version of the "Oklahoma Drill," the offense had to get ten yards, while the defensive players had to make the tackle (while being short a man).  Safe to say, the offense won in one play and Keeler resumed with the rest of practice.

  • At one point during practice, the Mike LB tripped and fell, letting a tight zone scheme cut back behind him.  Defensive Coordinator Nick Rapone got all over him, to whom the player exclaimed, "I tripped coach."  K.C. Keeler ran halfway across the field to tell the player, "Don’t trip.  You’re a Division one athlete!"  Just another example of the expectations and demands that Keeler and his staff put on their players.

  • Because Delaware is a no-huddle offense, many of their periods relied on establishing and keeping tempo.  Coaches and managers signaled plays in during their inside drill, skelly and team periods.  They also worked their "freeze" tempo, with the intents to draw the defense off-sides.

  • All injured players were wearing white mesh practice jerseys with the Red Cross logo printed onto it.  Aside from perhaps the subtle humiliating aspect of wearing the jersey, players were forced to be active in practice - carrying dummies and setting up drills.

Special Thanks: We would like to extend a special "Thank You" to Coach Keeler, Coach Hofher and the entire Delware football program for welcoming X&O Labs to their spring practice.

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