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By X&O Labs Research Team

In this report, we look at how top coaching apps and digital DFOs are helping coaches improve their programs during the off-season.


By X&O Labs Research Team



FOMO. The fear of missing out. It’s a real thing, and here at X and O labs, we hate to see coaches missing out on the best opportunities to drive results in the off-season.

So, how can you prevent FOMO from taking over?

Quite simply, you set a goal, and you do everything you can to achieve that. Our mission is to provide coaches with proven best practices to maximize your programs’ efficiency and in turn win games.

So how does this apply to you? First, you should ask yourself these three questions to see if you are in danger of missing out on your best off-season yet:

  1. Are you striving to communicate better?
  2. Are you leading a more efficient weight room?
  3. Are you driving an increase in inter-team competition?


In this report, we look at how top coaching apps & digital DFO’s have already helped coaches like you address these concerns.

For the sake of specifics, we will take a look at MaxOne, the all-in-one coaching platform to see how top coaches across the country are utilizing this technology to lead their program to new heights.


Striving to Communicate Better:

The best leaders are great communicators. Coaching apps help keep your program on the same page, which makes your life a whole lot easier.

Head Coach Chad Stadem of Sioux Falls Washington, has made winning a habit at Washington High School. Before this past season, the Warriors had made it to the South Dakota State Championship game three years in a row, walking away State Champions all three times.

Even still, Coach Stadem was searching for a better way to effectively communicate with his program. Instead of growing complacent, Coach Stadem did his research and found that new coaching technology could help with aspirations of taking his program to a fourth straight State Championship game. He saw directly the value that MaxOne brought to his program...


“We have upwards of 150 players in our program and communicating important information to players and parents has always been an issue.  I used a number of ways to send out information, but none worked effectively. Now, I can send out one message and it reaches everyone instantly.  Less time for me as a coach sending out information and I can do it on my phone with the app.”

-- Chad Stadem, Sioux Falls Washington High School (SD)


Believe it or not, Coach Stadem led Washington High School to their fourth straight State Championship game last season.

We reached out to Coach Stadem and found that he appreciated the ability to send emails or text messages to coaches, athletes, and even parents all with the touch of a button. He was able to eliminate the excuse of not knowing by setting calendar reminders for important events like practices, games, or team meetings.



Don’t let poor communication get in the way of creating a strong foundation. Coach Stadem was able to focus on helping his team improve this off-season on the field and in the weight room without worrying about simple administrative tasks.


MaxOne 011519 2


Leading a More Efficient Weight Room

There simply aren’t enough days in the off-season to waste any time in the weight room. This is every player’s chance to get better. This is your program’s chance to get better.

On many occasions, time is wasted due to the fact that there are only a few coaches tasked with explaining workouts to dozens of players. Head Coach Chad Smith and his Siuslaw Vikings have upwards of 60 players on their roster. As all coaches know, it becomes extremely difficult for the coaching staff to make sure every single athlete is ready to start working as soon as they enter the weight room.

Coach Smith appreciates the way their coaching app saves time for their program...

“MaxOne gave me the opportunity to build a program for student-athletes to follow using videos to show each lift. This was a great tool for my coaches as well because they could see how each lift should be done.”

Chad Smith, Siuslaw High School (OR)


Videos are given to athletes on their phones cutting down the time needed for instruction. The workouts are also delivered directly to the athletes’ phone giving them no excuse but to get in the weight room and start working.

Players don’t have to wait for Coach Smith and the rest of the Siuslaw coaching staff to explain, they have no more reason to lollygag. More time equals more reps, more reps equal a stronger program.

In the past, we’ve seen coaches time and time again fail to utilize the precious time they have in the weight room.

If you could use more time, a coaching app like MaxOne can give you back minutes and even hours in the day, and that adds up over time.

Do you like the idea of a leading a more efficient weight room similar to the Siuslaw Vikings, but you’re worried you’ll have to start your workout program from square one? With a coaching app or platform, you are able to design and customize your own workout straight from within the tool.

You have the power to create your workout down to the very set, the very rep, and even the very number...



Looking for some help creating your workout?

Some apps even offer a training marketplace, including workout videos, drills, and football tips from the game’s best resources including content from us at X and O Labs.


Increasing Inter-team Competition

As a football coach, your job is to outperform opposing programs.

Competition drives you. Just ask Coach Justin Vorhies from Cloverleaf High School in Ohio. He’s using a coaching app to help drive competition between his athletes with the in-app leaderboard.

“Our competition level and weight room intensity have increased significantly just by introducing the MaxOne lifting and leaderboard features.”

-- Justin Vorhies, Cloverleaf High School (OH)


Whether it is football training on the field or weight training in the gym, the performance of your athletes’ will be tracked and displayed within the app.

Coach Vorhies is able to see which player is working the hardest, which player is improving the most, and which player is most deserving of time on the field.

His players can also see where they rank with their teammates, how much they’ve improved, and where they need to go if they want to be the best player at Cloverleaf High School.



If you want a competitive culture within your program, join Coach Vorhies and thousands of other coaches in leveraging a coaching app to make a difference.


MaxOne 011519 2


If you’d like more information on using MaxOne in your program, simply use the button above or contact Drew Zwiers at MaxOne. Drew has been helping many high school coaches this off-season, just like Coach Wilson, and he’ll walk you through how you can use MaxOne in your program, too.

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