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By X&O Labs

Find out how Coach Schmidt and his staff have been able to cover up trips and quads without taking Mike and Will out of the box. Read the report...


By X&O Labs 
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Over the past couple of years we’ve highlighted the many ways MaxOne is striving to make football coaches’ lives easier and become more effective coaches.  

From being an all-in-one communication system for your entire program, to managing your program’s multi-layered schedules and calendars, to sport specific workouts that track results of individual players—MaxOne has given many of our readers an organizational advantage during the off-season.  

In fact, we’ve profiled many of our readers who use MaxOne in their programs and, as many of you will remember, we also conducted an RPO Summer School Course, highlighted how Communication Drives a Winning Culture, and co-developed the best practices for summer. 

With the off-season upon us, we’re excited to bring you the latest update from MaxOne. The MaxOne athlete facing Apple and Android app is complete and ready for your athletes and parents to download! 


“This is where Football is headed, more assignment based learning and training with athletes accessing it on their own.” 

-Jason Fuller, Head Coach 

Here’s the best part, MaxOne has put together a special content package for X&O Labs readers. When you sign up by January 31st, you will receive the following content pre-loaded in your account: 

  • 120+ Videos of Strength Movements 
  • RPO Drills from X&O Labs 
  • RPO Reports from X&O Labs 
  • X&O Labs Defensive Pursuit Course 
  • Additional Content from Joe Daniels, Beyond the Ball, and other content providers 

Keep in mind, once you have these reports and drills in your account, you can share them with your whole staff and all of your athletes. 

This is one of the primary reasons we like MaxOne so much, its efficient and effective in communicating with today’s athletes. You can deliver workouts by position right to the phones of your quarterbacks, linemen, or receivers. Your athletes watch the video, perform and record their results in real time and are able to track their improvement. 

Your athletes will not only challenge themselves but they can interact with their teammates in the app when new goals are reached. Gamify your workouts, create motivation, drive engagement and results which will build a more cohesive program this off season.   

You’ll know exactly why we use it when you try it. Take 15 minutes and schedule a MaxOne Demo

Football is constantly changing. These changes drive coaches and players to constantly innovate.  

If you are looking for a better way to engage, motivate and challenge your athletes, consider giving this powerful and easy to use product a look. You’ll see dividends as your athletes do the off-season workouts that's necessary for building championship athletes and teams. 

Coaches know that hard work in the off-season pays off. That’s why the best ones have a plan to engage, motivate, and challenge their athletes to put in work during the off-season. Whether it’s lifting weights, conditioning, camps, or passing leagues, smart coaches know the off-season is when individuals and teams improve. 

Don’t Get Left Behind: Join thousands of coaches who have implemented MaxOne and make your off-season a success. Schedule a Demo! 



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