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By Justin Iske, Offensive Line Coach, Southwestern Oklahoma State

Games are best called in the meeting room. To do this well, you need a good schedule to get you ready for gameday. See how SWOSU and Coach Iske set up their planning. Read it here...


By Justin Iske
Offensive Line Coach
Southwestern Oklahoma State
Twitter: @justiniske 


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In January 2015, I was blessed with the opportunity to join the coaching staff at SWOSU. Our head coach, Dan Cocannouer, our passing game coordinator, Jon Garfield, and myself all had coordinator experience and our own ideas on how to fix the struggles that we had on offense in 2014. Meshing our three separate, but similar, philosophies and incorporating nine new starters on the offensive side of the ball was our challenge. The purpose of this report is to go through the game planning process that was the results of our meetings. This is the process that we use for a typical game week and communication on game day. Note that this report will assume that game day is Saturday.

Sunday: Here at SWOSU, Sunday is our players’ day off. Our coaches will grade their position and special teams segment, and complete our self-scout during the day. We will meet as a staff at 5:00 PM to go through the highlights and/or lowlights from Saturday. We also use Sunday as a day to watch film of our upcoming opponent on our own. We split up our self-scout and opponent breakdown as follows.

  • QB/WRs Coach: Breakdown (Coverages) / Self Scout (Personnel / Passing Game)
  • RBs Coach: Breakdown (Fronts / Depth Chart) / Self Scout (YAC / 3rd & 4th Downs)
  • TEs Coach: Breakdown (Fronts) / Self Scout (Run-Pass Tendencies / Red Zone / Backed Up)
  • OL Coach: Breakdown (Blitz / Stunt) / Self Scout (Overall / Run Game / Protections / Goal Line)

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  • How the staff at SWOSU uses self scout protocols to determine which personnel groups and formations they will stress for the week.
  • The percentage breakdown the staff will utilize for situation practice as it segmented into first, second and third down situations.
  • The game day assignments that SWOSU uses for each offensive coach including the communication protocol used by series and at halftime.
  • The daily assignments (Monday- Friday) delegated to the offensive staff.

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We hope that this report gives you some ideas for how to prepare for games and communication within games. By no means is our way of doing things the only way to be successful. Each staff is made up differently and each coordinator has a different background. The important thing is finding a system that works for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us here at SWOSU if you have any questions.


Meet Coach Iske: Justin Iske just finished his first season as the Offensive Line Coach at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Previous stops in the Omaha, Nebraska native’s career include Fort Hays State, Northwestern Oklahoma State, Fort Scott Community College, Southwest Minnesota State, and Northern State University. Iske and his wife, Kelley, have a 15-year old son, Hunter.

In 2014, Southwestern Oklahoma State was 3-7. Offensively, they averaged 17.9 points per game, 3.2 yards per rush, allowed 29 sacks, and committed 33 turnovers in 10 games. This season, the Bulldogs went 8-4 with a berth in the Live United Texarkana Bowl. We averaged 32.2 points (+14.3), averaged 4.5 (+1.3) yards per rush, allowed 14 sacks (-15), and committed 13 turnovers (-20) in 12 games. The credit for this turnaround goes to the level of commitment of our players. As coaches, we were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. 



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