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By Tye Hiatt, Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach, Frostburg State University (MD)

One of the first things the Frostburg State staff does every week in their game planning sessions is find ways to effectively run the ball with a downhill attitude. Find out how they incorporate their Gap Schemes here...


By Tye Hiatt
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach
Frostburg State University (MD)
Twitter: @HiattFSU


One of the 1st things we do as a coaching staff every week in our game planning sessions is find ways to effectively run the ball with a downhill attitude. We believe that we must establish the LOS every snap in order for us to have a chance at being successful. One of the scheme’s that has been very good for us has been the “Power” concept. We will find ways to run “Power” from multiple sets and personnel groupings, as well as getting our QB involved and by using our RB in the scheme to get the numbers we want in the box. Throughout the article we will show a few different ways in which we run the “Power” concept.

Base Power Concept

Here are our base rules when laying the foundation for our power scheme. Every other adjustment is made from this base foundation.

Center: Back block on the back side defensive lineman.

Play Side Guard (PSG): Double team the play side defensive lineman to the back side linebacker.

Play Side Tackle (PST): Double team the play side defensive lineman to the back side linebacker.

Back Side Guard (BSG): Pull for MLB – Must demeanor thru 2nd level

Back Side Tackle (BST): Stab & Hinge – Must control B Gap run thru!

Y: If we see a 7 technique, he will drive thru C Gap up to the 2nd level. When we get a 6 technique we will either base out the DE and use the F to double up to the play side linebacker or we will arc release the Y to the play side linebacker and the F will kick out the DE.

Q: Drive step straight back to the T and put it on his belly button. Set up at 7 YD’s depth for PA.

F: Will receive a call from the Y. Either he will kick out the DE or will double the DE to the play side linebacker.

T: 6 inch lateral step. His aiming point (AMP) is play side leg of center. We want him getting downhill as soon as possible. He gets one cut and then must get vertical!

X and Z: Read for middle of the field open (MOFO) or middle of the field closed (MOFC). Push-crack working the most dangerous man.

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In this power scheme, we place a huge emphasis on winning at the point of attack. As we game plan during the week we are always looking for ways to get double teams and great angles, whether this is by alignment, motion or shifts. Once we win at the point of attack, this allows our RB to make his one cut and get vertical in the hole. We want to make this play as simple as possible for our players and we want them playing fast and downhill.

Our offensive staff hopes that something in this report will be able to help you and your program. We believe that running the football and establishing the line of scrimmage is something that championship level teams do every single play. It is something we work on year round, both mentally and physically.

A special thank you goes out to our offensive coaching staff in helping put this report together: Angelo Luvara (OL), John Candelas (T/TE), Tim Arnold (RB) and Nick Rosati (WR). 

Meet Coach Hiatt:

Tye Hiatt is entering his fourth season as the offensive coordinator for the Frostburg State University football program in 2016. Under his guidance, Frostburg set a school record last fall in completion percentage (61.1%) and on the ground the Bobcats have averaged 4.4 YD’s per rush, finishing fourth in the NJAC in rushing offense a year ago. Frostburg finished the year 10-1, becoming Co-NJAC Champions and ECAC Bowl Champions.



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