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By Research Staff, X&O Labs




In this day and age, time is also at a premium. We understand that with all of the people, tasks, and responsibilities that compete for your limited bandwidth, a smart approach to managing all the details of your program is critical. Click here to learn about a new tool that can help you with all of these things.

All we have to do is be in the locker room and coach.”

-Keith Badger, Head Coach, New Richmond High School (WI)


By Research Staff
X&O Labs
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keithTime is a coach’s greatest resource.

In this day and age, time is also at a premium. We understand that with all of the people, tasks, and responsibilities that compete for your limited bandwidth, a smart approach to managing all the details of your program is critical.

We’ve identified three areas where innovative coaches multiply their impact by becoming more effective in the offseason:

  • Building consistency with coaching staff
  • Increasing athlete engagement
  • Maximizing performance

If any of these aspects aren’t getting the attention they deserve in your program, we’ve got a recommendation for you: Programax.

As many of our readers already know, Programax is a multi-faceted coaching app that puts powerful, customizable, efficiency-enhancing tools at the fingertips of coaches. The app’s features include integrated messaging, a custom workout builder, program-wide scheduling, file sharing, and much more.

To be clear, Programax is a sponsor of X&O Labs. This was only after we did a complete review and test of their app. As you’re about to see, this innovation is needed more today than ever.

In 2016, we featured articles on how Programax can improve communication within your program and the app’s ability to help make the most of your off season. A number of our readers took the opportunity to try Programax, and we followed up with one of them to learn about their experience. 

We spoke with Keith Badger, XandOLabs Insiders member, Programax customer, and head football coach at New Richmond High School (WI). Coach Badger recently wrapped up his fourth season with an impressive 9-3 record. He also teaches PE and is the head of strength and conditioning for the school. We spoke with Coach Badger in depth about his experience with Programax and have outlined the highlights of how Programax has helped him be a better coach.

NRscstaffBuilding Consistency with Coaching Staff:

One of the most significant challenges that any head football coach faces is keeping staff on the same page—both in season and out.

“We saw the impact right away,” said Coach Badger, who introduced the Programax app to his program a year ago. “Our staff was spending far too much time administering a customized strength and conditioning program. Programax immediately paid dividends in time saved and more consistency across the program.” 

Coach Badger praises the ability of the Programax to help get and keep all their coaches on the same page, “Programax enables us to upload video, PDFs, our own media, or even videos from YouTube directly to our account, and to share it instantly with the coaches in our program. This feature allows our coaches to see the schemes, tactics and strategies we use, and to communicate that with the kids in a consistent way…”

“A big struggle [in the off-season] was my ability to be omnipresent in the weight room and beyond, and our staff’s ability to be consistent with the athletes,” continued Coach Badger. “With Programax, if I’m not around and other coaches are administering a weight room session their own, they can feel confident in using the same terminology and instruction I do. This was a way of meeting our unification goals and presenting a unified front [to the athletes]. So we are multiplying leadership and building consistency through the entire program.”

In other words, Programax provides a more efficient way of organizing and sharing content with coaches, and builds consistency in the way your staff engages athletes. How you apply the tool is up to you: Share your entire playbook, workout instructions, terminology, or motivational content.  Click here to see a demo video with more details about how Programax works.

Editor’s Note: The following is an example of agility drills Coach Badger shares with his coaches and athletes on his Programax account. 


Increasing Athlete Engagement:

It’s no secret that today’s athletes interact with technology each day to a degree that older generations never imagined. Many coaches are feeling the effect of an ever-growing technology gap between their systems and the way athletes interact. Programax was designed to address that gap. Coach Badger and his staff have already made huge strides in this area.

“[Our athletes] love technology,” explained Coach Badger. “That is how they communicate, and it dictates their lives. They are always online, always connected. Finding a way for them to be connected in the weight room was great, and very easy for them. They caught on really quickly, were able to record things, and get what they needed out of it.”

Using Programax in the weight room has also streamlined the way Coach Badger and his New Richmond staff delivers workouts and the way athletes track their progress.

“Previously, we had been printing workout sheets for every single kid,” said Badger. “The way it was done before [we implemented Programax] is that every workout, including auxiliary lifts, was recorded on a sheet of paper—one workout per kid per day. Programax allowed us to change all that. As far as implementing Programax and getting people to buy in, instead of paper, that was easy…they enter their workout [on a phone or tablet], and [Programax] will track the results over time.”

“When athletes [get into their Programax accounts], they can identify their suggested workout and do it right then. I’ve eliminated the need to write out workouts each day.”

Editor’s Note: Below is an example of a customer strength workout that Coach Badger built in his account.

TSC Workout Example

Meanwhile, the app helps Coach Badger’s staff to make more efficient use of their limited time by reducing the effort of planning and administration. “[Before Programax], we used to have staff meetings every day at 7 AM. By the end of the summer, it was getting to be too much. Now we meet just once a year. I can update the workout on Programax the night before each session, and it’s up to the athletes and staff to get in there and get it done. All we’ll have to do is be in the locker room and coach. Serious time savings…”

Programax leverages technology to enhance the way coaches connect with athletes. The New Richmond staff tapped in a year ago, and is reaping the benefits today.  Click here to see a demo video with more detals about how Programax works. 

Maximizing Performance:

One of the most impactful features Programax offers is the Workouts function, which helps engage athletes through custom strength and conditioning or skill drill instruction. Coaches can create their own content, upload from existing resources such as YouTube, or purchase pre-packaged Programax workouts from some of the top trainers in the country.

Coach Badger didn’t waste any time implementing this feature within his Tiger Strength program: “I think there is a different philosophy: We have always felt that our kids should be more athletic and be able to move more efficiently. So Programax and our workouts have helped our kids improve significantly [in] their ability to move and react in whatever position they are in.”

“[Our athletes] are now more physically literate, so they can be more efficient in the sport they choose,” said Badger. “We’ve also seen kids go on to their next sport [from football] more prepared. They finish the season in great shape, are healthy, and more of those athletic movements we work on are transferable to the other sports they are playing.”

Editor’s Note: Here’s an example of how the Programax app looks on athletes’ phones.


To help track the work your athletes put in and to drive increased performance, Programax live leaderboards create an atmosphere of competition. Athletes can compete with others in the program, as well as with their own results. “We put all of our kids on Programax, and we use leaderboards by setting point values for the different workouts we ask them to perform. Last summer we had close to 300 kids, so it was great that they could see themselves jump up on the live leaderboard.”

Editor’s Note: Here is an example of a recent view of Coach Badger’s “hardest workers” leaderboard.


“They like to be competitive with others and themselves, so it was awesome that they could keep track of how they stack up against their previous workouts and also those of different people via the leaderboards,” said Badger.

With these features, Programax streamlines the way coaches deliver workouts and track progress. The result is increased engagement and a fully customizable pathway to increase performance throughout your entire program.  Click here to see a demo video of Programax.

Final Thoughts:

“Programax allows me to coach, plain and simple,” Coach Badger replied when asked what he likes best about the app.

Driving this statement is the time savings Programax affords him and his staff. With that extra time and the powerful tools Programax places at their fingertips, the New Richmond Staff has been able to multiply their impact and focus their efforts on the goals of building consistency, enhancing athlete engagement, and maximizing performance. The result is a program that is taking their success to the next level.

Interested in doing the same? For more information on Programax or how you can try it out for your own program, visit www.programax.org



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