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By Demo Odems, Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receiver Coach, Stephen F. Austin University


If you’re one of those Baylor-made offenses that subscribe to the “every run is a pass theory,” than perimeter blocking may not be a point of emphasis for you. But for the majority of spread offensive coaches, teaching receivers to block on the perimeter not only requires a tireless focus on the fundamentals, but also a “want to” mindset that can be cultivated with the use of blocking drills. In this exclusive clinic report, Stephen F. Austin wide receiver coach Demo Odems details the three everyday drills he uses to train his receivers on the fundamentals of perimeter blocking. Read the report.

By Demo Odems
Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receiver Coach
Stephen F. Austin University
Twitter: @DemoOdems


One of the facets that makes coaching wide receivers complicated is dividing the time to teach them how to run routes, how to catch balls and how to block. In most cases, one of those areas gets neglected. But if your offense is based heavily upon perimeter runs and screen concepts, you’ll have to teach receivers how to correctly block in space and implementing at least one of these three drills daily can go a long way in doing so.

Drill 1: Med Ball Drill

Purpose: To teach the correct approach, hand placement, and blocking base for the run and screen game.

Tempo: 50% to 75%

Organization / Set-Up:

  • Set the drill up on the sideline
  • Use the yard lines as guides (5 yards apart)
  • In the first phase, place a defender in front of the wide receiver face to face with a Med Ball
  • In the second phase, place a defender at 5-8 yards from the WR to simulate closing the distance.

Coaching Points:

  • Emphasize a wide base, head back, and hot feet.
  • Shoot the hand at the ball with the palms up, thumbs out, and striking from low to high.
  • Run feet on contact and keep hands inside the frame.
  • Use strong arm/lockout technique when losing the DB.

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Blocking is blocking, regardless of position. You’ll find many of these techniques can be taught to offensive linemen. Which is exactly why it’s necessary to find the time to teach these same fundamentals to receivers.

Meet Coach Odems:  Demo Odems is in his third season on the SFA coaching staff, serving as the Lumberjacks’ assistant head coach while overseeing the SFA receiving corps. Under Odem’s guidance, the 2015 SFA wide receivers provided a balanced threat as seven different receivers amassed 200 or more receiving yards. The leader of that group was Aaron Piper, registering his breakout season in 2015 with 44 catches for 439 yards and five touchdowns, all of which were team bests. 

Odems comes to Nacogdoches after spending two seasons at Montana State University, working with the Bobcats’ running backs as MSU advanced to the second round of the FCS playoffs in 2012. Odems also has a great deal of knowledge of the Texas high school scene, serving as the head coach at Lyndon B. Johnson High School in Austin for four seasons, helping lead his alma mater to  three district titles in four years, including the program’s first outright title since 1995 in 2011.



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