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By Robert Hubbard, Jr., Safety Coach, Douglass High School (OK)

In season lifting is often an overlooked part of developing players for postseason and beyond. Coach Hubbard lays out how his squad trains systematically through the season.


By Robert Hubbard, Jr.
Safety Coach
Douglass High School (OK)

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Since football is a ballistic sport, the in season emphasis or our S&C program is on anaerobic conditioning. To introduce the body to the dynamic interchange of distances during a football game, “interval sprints” are performed for post-practice maintenance. Different distances are sprinted with a rest period of 15 seconds between sprints:

Sprint:                                Rest:                                                                          

  • 30 yards                               15 seconds
  • 60 yards                               15 seconds
  • 5 yards                                 15 seconds
  • 40 yards                               15 seconds
  • 20 yards                               15 seconds
  • 70 yards                               15 seconds
  • 5 yards                                 15 seconds
  • 90 yards                               15 seconds
  • 30 yards                               15 seconds
  • 5 yards                                  15 seconds
  • 100 yards                             15 seconds
  • 30 yards                               15 seconds

Over a four year period, each year representing a cycle, the intensity level will increase. Therefore, our players will continue to grow in stamina throughout their careers.

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It was the intent and purpose of this clinic report to illustrate the various principles involved in an In-Season and Conditioning program for football. Research in this area is very dynamic; therefore, this is not a fixed program and is opened to changes and variations. That said, we have had great success with this approach and it should serve as a nice jumping off point for you as you evaluate and build your program.

Meet Coach Hubbard: Robert Hubbard, Jr. is a 34 year veteran High School football coach. He has served as an OC, DC, and Head Coach during that time. He currently coaches safeties at his alma mater, Douglass High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Head Coach Willis Alexander). Hubbard is also a 4 year veteran of the United States Air Force.



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