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By X&O Labs Staff


A very wise person—no doubt a coach—once said, “The best athletes are made in the offseason.” We think that this tool will help you build more of the type of athletes you need to have a championship program. Read the report here.

By X&O Labs Staff

A very wise person—no doubt a coach—once said, “The best athletes are made in the offseason.”

Coaches know that hard work in the summer pays dividends. That’s why the best ones have a plan to engage, motivate, and challenge their athletes to put in work during the summer months. Whether it’s lifting weights, conditioning, camps, or passing leagues, they know that the off-season is when individuals and teams improve.

At the same time, coaches understand that not all athletes have the dedication and discipline to complete the off-season work on their own. In a world of distractions, some athletes live in the gap between intent and action.

Getting these individuals to take action during the summer months can be a challenge. When plans fall short, coaches need something extra to help engage these athletes. Programax may be just the thing to bridge the gap.

Here’s What We Like About Programax—And How It Can Make Your Summer Much More Effective and Efficient

A few months ago XandOLabs.com highlighted Programax, a coaching app with a wide range of functionality to help football coaches lead a better program. We had a number of readers check it out and it’s made a really positive impact on their programs. As Coach Yashinsky from Onalaska, WI said – “It’s like Hudl for managing the details that are a pain to keep track of.”  We included feedback from some others below.

As summer approaches, we wanted to revisit Programax because it provides a bunch of helpful tools for summer. 

As a coach you can:

  • Deliver texts and emails to players and parents from one place
  • Create live schedules that sync to everyone’s personal calendars
  • Deliver daily workouts with videos and tools to track
  • Generate live leaderboards right on your athletes’ phones
  • Manage your camp-sign up process

…and so much more. Check out a brief demo video here.

We at XandOLabs.com love the tool, and recommend you try it out. For a limited time, our readers can receive 10% off with this special offer from Programax (Sign up here and enter code “xandosummer” at checkout).

Communication Made Convenient


Great coaches are great communicators.

While the digital age has simplified communication in many ways, today’s coaches face new hurdles in connecting with their athletes and others throughout their program.

Programax Website Quote Container Portrait Birmingham Groves 2Programax simplifies the task of communication by serving as a central hub for your entire program. Programax delivers messages through both email and text message – so you can communicate to athletes, parents, and coaches through their normal channels.

The tool also eliminates the need to constantly be collecting and updating contact information and wondering if you have everyone on “the list.”

This type of functionality is invaluable during the season, but consider the game changing benefit it provides during the summer months. When face-to-face interaction is at a premium, Programax allows you to communicate with your players individually or in groups. With streamlined messaging functionality, you can engage, motivate, and drive improvement in your athletes like never before.

See the Communication features in action here.

Calendars Synced Their Phones


Organizing and distributing summer schedules can be a monumental task for coaches. Programax allows you to easily create your schedule and share it across your entire program.

libertyhsCoaches know this as well as anyone that schedules and plans change. Successful leadership means being able adapt on the fly. Fortunately, Programax has you covered there too. Players, parents, and other coaches sync with your calendar and receive live updates.

The result: everyone in your program stays in the know and gets where they need to be on time. It’s just one more way to engage and communicate more efficiently and successfully during your off season.

See the Calendar features in action here.

Mobile Strength Workouts

Your Strength Workouts & Leaderboards Made Mobile

Programax Website Quote Container Portrait Rocori 2Every coaching staff has an off-season workout program. Creating the regimen and putting it in the hands of your athletes is the easy part. The challenge is motivating the athletes to participate at a level and frequency that drives improvement.

The truth is that even in 2016, many coaches are still using paper handouts to distribute workouts. This creates a lot of extra work and makes it difficult to track progress, attendance, and completion. 

As we see around us everyday, kids are engaged through technology.  Programax makes it easy for you to capitalize on this reality. You simply build your workouts into the platform and Programax delivers them to your athletes’ smart phones.  Athletes view and execute the day’s activities for the day as instructed, and record their performance as they go.

Programax Website Quote Container Portrait New RichmondAs a coach, you know how to take performance to the next level. Programax does as well, and mixes in two crucial ingredients: competition and accountability. The work your athletes put in is recorded and posted in real time on program-wide leaderboards. Coaches and other athletes can see the results, and walk around with a live leaderboard in their pocket.

See the Football Performance features in action here.

Camp Management Simplified

Summer Camp Registration

Summer camps and summer leagues can be particularly demanding of a coach's time. The Programax camps feature enables you to easily create an event, invite participants through the app and even collect registration fees. The tool's real time roster of sign-ups and key information on those individuals is a huge timesaver for coaches as well.  

See the Camp Management features in action here.

Programax Website Quote Container Landscape

The Final Point…

We said it before, and we’ll say it again: we really like the tools that Programax puts into the hands of today’s football coach. From streamlined communication to enhanced scheduling and custom strength workout plans, we believe this multi-faceted tool can help you lead a better program – in and out of season.

This coming summer, if you are looking for a better way to engage, motivate and challenge your athletes, consider giving this powerful and easy to use product a look. We have a hunch you’ll begin see those dividends as your athletes do the work summer that's necessary for building champion athletes and teams.

For more information about Programax, you can watch at 6-minute product demo by visiting their site.  When you’re ready to sign up use the code “xandosummer” at checkout and receive 10% off.

Watch This Brief Demo Video From Programax


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