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By Mike Kuchar, Senior Research Manager, X&O Labs


The deeper down the RPO rabbit hole you go, the more you will find unique concepts. These concepts attack the quarters in a powerful way with RPOs. Find out more here...

By Mike Kuchar
Senior Research Manager
X&O Labs
Twitter: @MikekKuchar


Speed Out RPO: Morehead State University (Diagram 66)


Read: To run action

Run-Action: Zone

Conflict Defender: Sam or nickel linebacker

Description: Against quarters coverage, safeties play man on the tight end from depth at 10-12 yards so offensive coordinator Pat St. Louis went to running three step speed outs where the safety struggled to get over to the out route. “The linebackers were tied up into the box and the safeties couldn’t play the out routes,” said Coach St. Louis. “If there is a field fitter and the corner won’t come off, or is in press coverage, it will be an out by number two. If there are teams that will get their corner off, we may run a hitch behind it instead to number one. It all depends on the leverage of the corner.”

To study game film of this concept, click on the video below:

Power/Speed Out RPO: Arkansas Tech University (Diagram 67A)


Read: To run action

Run-Action: Power

Conflict Defender: Sam or nickel backer

Description: Offensive coordinator Brent Dearmon will run his speed out concept from a power run structure in order to influence the over hang defender in 4-2-5 defensive structures. More often than not, that Sam will work to fit the box, leaving the speed out to be a viable option. Now while Coach St. Louis mentioned he will not run it to a cover two corner, Coach Dearmon will providing the corner is in an off (not squat) alignment as detailed in the following clips.

To study game film of this concept, click on the video below:


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