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By Doug Socha, Head Football Coach, Oxbridge Academy (FL)


Learn how Coach Socha's screens averaged almost 9 yards per attempt and a first down over 40% of the time they were called. Read more here...

By Doug Socha
Head Football Coach
Oxbridge Academy (FL)
Twitter: @coachsocha

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Our screen package became a big part of our offense and we mostly utilized double screens with a fast side (bubble) and slow side (sidewalk). Our most productive screens have been to our receivers. The blocking assignments up front have stayed consistent while we utilized motions, multiple formations, and used different backfield actions to simulate a “play-action screen”. Using motion and different backfield actions gave our linemen an advantage with better blocking angles and leverage.

We have dedicated a “Screen Teach” period to our offensive practice twice a week for continuous teaching/reps and also scripted our screens into other team periods. This period is a half line drill focusing on the “Slow Side” element.

Additional reasons to use screens:

1. Gives a non-running QB options
2. Looks multiple by formations, shifts, and motions
3. Easy blocking assignments for Offensive Line
4. High % Passing Game, No Sacks
5. Explosive play potential (Give your best players ball in space)
6. Slow down pass rush

Screen Elements

The “Double Screen” has two elements. The QB can take the FAST SIDE if the bubble is uncovered or we have leverage. If covered, the QB will retreat and get ball to SLOW SIDE screen runner. Using motions, shifts, and play-action can also help these screens.


Pre-Snap - Determine #’s to bubble. Read the “fast side” apex defender to determine if he is taking the bubble.

Post-Snap - Throw bubble to “Fast Side” or pump bubble and retreat 3 steps and attack the slow side. Once QB determines he is taking “Slow Side”, he must quickly get ball to the receiver. He must find the passing lane. If it is not open, we expect him to throw the ball into the defensive linemen’s feet.

Play-Action Screens - Go through running game ball handling, retreat, and deliver “Slow Side” screen. (We often use Stretch ball handling for our Play-action screens)

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Our screen package has made a huge impact on our offense and has added plays to our menu. Without having a dual-threat QB, this is how we made up for the missing yardage. By emphasizing these schemes and practicing them twice a week, I have no doubt they can make a difference for your team.

Meet Coach Doug Socha: Coach Socha just completed his 4th Season at Oxbridge Academy and has a 50-8 Record as a Head Coach. He previously was the head coach at American Heritage School. He has been part of 3 State Championships, a Gold Coast Championship, and a Gulf Coast Championship. He also has spent time at University at Buffalo, College of the Canyons, and Grand Junction HS.



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