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osovetBy Joe Osovet, Head Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Nassau Community College (NY)


Having produced over 41 points per game over the last four seasons, Nassau Community College (NY) continues to sit at the top of the national JUCO rankings and with good reason. The Lions used 12 different Run/Pass Option concepts to produce over 474 yards per game and 6.6 yard per play this season. Former head coach Joe Osovet details the three different RPO concepts he used from his Stack and Stack Extend formations, which he uses to manipulate both single high and two-high coverage structures. These manipulations change weekly predicated on what coverage he sees and are coupled with both zone and gap runs.

By Joe Osovet
Head Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator
Nassau Community College (NY)
Twitter: @coachosovet


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osovetOur "Stack" and "Stack Extend" concept is something we benefited greatly from in our spread no huddle offense in 2015. The alignment and built-in manipulations (RPOs) packaged with our read game allow us to severely stress safeties and overhang players both pre and post snap.
Additional Attributes:

  • Gives offensive linemen and quarterbacks a nice clear picture of the box.
  • Creates more explosive plays in run game, as a result of outside hash-aligned safeties.
  • Limits stem disguises by defense.


We have the ability, regardless of personnel grouping, to line up in our stack or stack extend configuration at any given point during the game. All alignment communication is signaled in from the sideline.

Stack alignment:

Any double or triple width wide receiver alignment (2x2-Trips open, Trips closed, etc.)

  • Ball in the middle of the field – WR will align on the bottom of numbers.
  • Ball is on the hash
    • Field side: WR aligns bottom numbers/3 yard from sideline. This is predicated on secondary manipulation built in off of "pull read."
    • Boundary side: WR aligns 3 yards from sideline

Stack Extend:

  • Ball in the middle of the field – WR will align on the top of numbers.
  • Ball is on the hash
    • Field side: WR point man splits hash/numbers
    • Boundary side: WR aligns 3 yards from sideline


Make overhang players declare if they want to be a box player and separate safeties outside hashes to be late in run support.


Secondary Manipulations (RPOs):

We have 12 different manipulations we can run that can be packaged within our read schemes. These manipulations change weekly and our predicated on what coverage we are seeing.
This year, the three most beneficial to us from our stack/stack extend alignment are:

  • Stay
  • Devil
  • Stay/Slant

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  • The RPO concept that Coach Osovet uses against slice or hard-leveraged corners in cloud support.
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Having the potential to line up in multiple ways within our personnel groupings along with our tempo, motions, and manipulations we are able to keep defenses on their toes. These concepts create space for our playmakers and mask’s any tendencies that come with running our favorite plays. This allows our offense to always be in a good play thus giving the offense a chance to stay ahead of the chains. We like taking defenses out of their comfort zone by having them prepare for multiple alignments while playing assignment football.


Meet Coach Osovet: Joe Osovet was the 2014 USA Sports Writers JUCO Coach of the Year and Northeast Football Conference Coach of the Year. He has pioneered an offense that ranked at the top of every NJCAA offensive category while averaging over 41 points a game for 4 years straight. The past 2 years saw Osovet lead Nassau Community College to a 20-4 mark in addition to Northeast Football Conference and Valley of Sun Bowl Champions in 2014.



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