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By Mike Kuchar, Senior Research Manager, X&O Labs

Video Report: Steve Canter, Quarterbacks Coach, Norfolk State University, gives X&O Labs complete access to his daily quaterback drills.

We’ve reached the "crunch time" of the season. That daily grind where one or two games might decipher whether you’re playing in games that count in the early winter months or you’ll be putting together your off-season program workout program earlier than expected.

So at X&O Labs, we thought what better time than now to prepare the most important player on your roster, your quarterback, for the challenges that lie ahead the next few weeks.

This week, we’ve been given access to how the staff at Norfolk State University (VA) trains their quarterback during the season.  Steve Canter, the quarterback coach for the Spartans, contributed his every day drills that he uses to develop his signal caller.  These are the core techniques and corresponding drill work that Canter uses to emphasize productivity in the following areas:

  • QB in pocket presence
  • QB out of pocket presence
  • Ball security
Steve Canter, an X&O Labs email subscriber and former graduate assistant at FBS power Virginia Tech University, has led the Spartans to a 6-1 record (as of 10/17/2011) with an offense that has been averaging over 400 yards per game.  We all know that the key to a successful pass offense is training the quarterback to be decisive.  How coaches train their quarterback’s to be decisive is by executing drills on a daily basis that emphasize in pocket movement, out of pocket movement and most importantly having ball security.  Having only given up four sacks this entire season, Norfolk State has shown these drills are a proven commodity.
In this report, we will showcase Steve Canter’s quarterback drills in detail, along with the corresponding video clips to detail how he executes his quarterback drills in practice.  In this first clip, X&O Labs details the core of Steve Canter’s power point that he uses to teach his quarterback’s at Norfolk State University, in this clip, you’ll be introduced to his general quarterback philosophy, his expectations of his quarterback’s, and the coaching points of each drill that he uses to develop his quarterbacks.
Now that you have a good idea of the philosophy and expectations of a Norfolk State University quarterback, let’s get to the quarterback drills that teach these techniques.

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Drill 1: Quarterback Shuffle Drill

This drill teaches the quarterback to keep his feet under him when moving in the pocket.  The quarterback must be able to protect the football and keep his eyes downfield.

Drill 2: Quarterback Wave Drill The Wave Drill emphasizes linear and lateral movement in the pocket for a quarterback.  Coach Steve Canter will stand at the forefront of the drill to make sure his quarterback’s are keeping their eyes downfield and on him.

Drill 3: Quarterback Pressure Drill We believe that coaching a quarterback to handle pressure is one of the most under-coached techniques of quarterback play.  Here, Canter will have two rushers directed at the quarterback who will have to avoid both and make a throw.

Drill 4: Pocket Ball Security Drill Another under-coached aspect of quarterback play, ball security is something that the Spartans work on every day, and Coach Canter has provided us with a creative way of teaching it.

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Concluding Report

We’d like to thank Coach Steve Canter and the other coaches who have been gracious enough to provide X&O Labs with some productive drills and techniques to teach position play.  Again, we all look for ways to improve our players, these drills are universal no matter the scheme we incorporate.  X&O Labs will continue to provide our research and develop more in-depth, research based reports once the football season ends and we begin to find new ways to improve all our programs.  As an aside, we’d like to congratulate Coach Steve Canter and his wife, Stephanie, on the birth of their first child, which should be happening any day now.  As we all know, as gratifying as it is to have a job as a coach, the job of a father is always more important.

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